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out of touch

I'm still working on my new website and it is still a challenge for me every single time I try to do ANYTHING.  I knew this would be a daunting task and I have not been proven wrong even 6 months later.  Forget about actually getting traffic from random seo searches, that is in the far off/unseen horizon as far as I'm concerned.  

I knew I needed to do this years ago but couldnt release even one tooth from the etsy teat until the cup runneth dry which it has for a year or more.  In fact, a few of you may remember and have even purchased art from my very first microsoft frontpage made paulaart site.  I love the wayback can see some pages of one of the last renditions of it before I went full on with etsy.   How I savanted THAT is something I'd pay money for to do again!  I had no clue what I was doing and yet managed to get sales from complete strangers for gods sake.  And yet today, with all the knowledge/experience I purportedly have (and all the bells and whistles that ecommerce sites offer up), I can't even get a views there unless I post to facebook.  It's a dead zone and reeling in a visitor or customer is like roping in a wild bull on the Malay peninsula. True, I have had some sales from existing customers and I am also marking listed items as sold if they sell elsewhere instead of my shopify shop.  for now.  makes me look good right?

anyhow...let me digress.  let me be me.  let me stop trying to blog using correct punctuation or capitalizing 'i' or the beginning of a paragraph.  let me understand mail chimp.  let me keep finding free apps that make something easier.  let me figure out if i should be blogging here and posting it there or blogging there and doing something or nothing here.  i'm inundated with the importance of blogging BUT rss readers have changed and i'm not even sure if i need to do anything on my end at this point.  

anyone else have a semi successful shopify blog/shop?  successful in that you get readers/subscribers/comments?  am i just talking to myself?  i  know when google reader ended and facebook became the rage then instagram etc....i lost my desire to read blogs let alone write a blog.  i'm more quiet now.  the bulk of that fearful/bitter/desperate/fight to survive is gone (yay) and i dont feel the need to have an audience feeling sorry/worrying or cheering me on.  honestly i want to make my nut each month and do whatever it is that arises in my consciousness and live life like a camper....leave no trace.  just get through the day without scaring the wildlife.  walk the path and be at peace.  of course blogging leaves a trace.  making art leaves a trace.  but....i think some of you get my drift.

SO.  blogging.  who cares?  maybe just do whatever and see if i have anything to say.  maybe blog here blog there and let it work itself out.  i much prefer the look/feel of blogger.  shopify blog seems VERY antiquated. i'm actually shocked that i cannot add a main blog page background or top photo or ANYTHING.  shocked that the intro font for blog posts on the main page cannot be changed without changing the font on the entire website.  they stress the importance of blogging for SEO and yet so little flair is allowed ....its very sterile feeling.  but.  it's still been the best choice for me i think, this choice i made for setting the website up.  i'll give it time.  and thank you for your time!


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