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I have my own website after several months of talking with shopify gurus for hours on end!  if it weren't for that 24/7 phone support this would not have happened believe you me.  PaulaArt.feel free to sign up for my yet to be written 'no news newsletter' and any updates.

it's my first step towards independence from Etsy as well as combining my industrialbloom flower shop products with my paulaart products.   some of you old time blog readers may recall i actually had my own website prior to finding etsy back in 2004.  thats when i first started making art after landing in Vermont.  its incredible that i was able to get customers considering it was a microsoft 'frontpage' website and not very ecommercy.  talk about a full circle, here i am again, trying to sell solo only because the endless (mostly not appreciated or asked for) changes that etsy has  made over the last few years finally pushed me to the limit.  while etsy they is still the easiest platform to…