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long time

its been a long time since i've blogged.  i think when google reader disappeared i lost touch with blogs and figured they were all a dying breed.  i tried to let mine die but it hung around like a ghost and sometimes i would visit it just to see if it were really still there.  i didnt delete it, in my mind i have many times.  i'm not one to save things and quite honestly don't know why i still keep the blog especially since there are plenty of other sites to just post a photo of work and disappear.

having said that.  maybe i'll post a few things.  this is probably the first year that all 3 of my etsy shops have had decent action and i have my nose above the poverty line.  i'm not making nearly enough art because i spend a lot of time getting materials for my industrial habitat shop (see sidebar etsy widget).  its been my bread and butter the last year or so.  a big boon was getting a bunch of signs from the scrap yard and reselling them as well as supply type things such as soda/beer can tabs, empty shotgun shell hulls, corks and this and that.  i lucked out this year too when an interior decorator found my shop and ordered all told about 80 or so street signs for 2 restaurants she was redecorating. 

my industrial bloom flower shop has had much more steady traffic and interest this year, in fact this is the first year that i have received a handful of requests to make bouquets for gardens as well as interior decor.  having more welding experience under my belt has made the flower making more interesting ~ i like the challenge of figuring out how to weld a bunch of objects together that are not weldable ie plastic, rubber, aluminum etc (i know you can weld aluminum with the right machine, i'm just using an old lincoln plug in)  by drilling holes and adding metal washers or nuts I can usually get the flower part attached to rebar via welding.  its a huge relief to know my flowers are made better and will last much longer.  i still feel like they should be treated like glass and kept out of the elements but i'm glad people don't care if they decompose and put them out there in the sun and rain and whatever else.  only time will tell!

and my paulaart 'art' shop on etsy is still chugging along.  YES I AM STILL MAKING PIPE PENCIL HOLDERS.  i've upped the ante and usually weld something to them and make them beasts.  i am still learning about metal and how to work with it, how to treat it and keep it looking good.  the more i learn the more i know i know so little.  and i feel a frustration building about lack of real studio space, lack of good tools and lack of knowledge and help.  still working on a little wood porch (i'm slowing ruining it and one day i'm sure it will collapse). i weld indoors but don't use a tank, just electricity so my shitty welds are even shittier.  i'm always holding my breath when i weld and doing little spot welds and running outside to breath.  suffice to say i dont weld much and havent really become proficient at it.  i have to be unapologetic about it and do the best i can until something 'gives'.

i still live in the loft here in huntsville.  i look like a hoarder with all the stuff i have since i go to the scrap yard all the time to buy material to use for art and to sell in industrial habitat AND to keep for the day the scrap yard closes or metal just dries up.  some days i feel trapped with all that i have. then i do a massive reorganize and feel like i have room for more.  i am addicted to going to the scrap yard.  i think i have more fun there than anything else.  finding objects that i've never seen before THRILLS ME.  i want it all!!!!  but you can only put so much stuff under porch stairs and in a loft. 

i'm all over the  can't imagine this is gonna interest anyone. 

i wanted to just start posting things i have made or cool stuff for sale in my other shop. maybe i should just jump in and start doing it and not worry about catching up and showing what i've done months ago.  maybe i'll do that. soon.


Lisa Fulton said…
Paula! It's so good to be reading your unique story again. I have missed your posts. I look at your etsy pages from time to time, just to make sure you are still chugging along. Last time I looked, I thought to myself - hmmmm, Paula is picking up some steam. So glad to know that is happening this year. Your stuff is great, as always - completely unique and creative and honest. But I hear you about needing more room, tools, etc. You have the patience of Job, so I expect you to finally get situated in a bigger space - and I'm glad that you may feel inclined to keep us posted on blogger. Regards, Lisa Fulton
paula said…
Lisa!!! You are the most loyal blog reader/artist/online peer EVER LOL :) I was shocked and pleased that you saw this and commented. i guess I know i have 1 person checking this blog out here and again.

Speaking of which, I guess that means YOU still have a blog. i'm lost without google reader and google homepage. I have blog lovin or whatever but never look. off i go, great to hear from you and thanks for your words!
paula said…
wow...WOWOWOW!!! your new work is awesome! just pinned the flowers and then tumblred the washer/dryer WHICH I LOVE!!!! astounding colors, so much love and live going on in these. GOOD JOB Lisa!
Colleen Kole said…
Nice to hear from you Paula ! I always read your blog and miss your brutally honest posts. Your pencil pipe holders are my saving organizational object in my studio plus they are beautiful. Great to catch up and find out what you are up to!
paula said…
and you surprise me colleen..yet a 2nd blog reader left :) thank you for letting me know you are still out there and still use/like the utensil holders!!!

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