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jewelry displays

I have been on a jewelry display making spree and having a most fun and challenging time of it.  Challenging because I am still more of a novice than not when it comes to welding.  The hardest part about welding (to me at least) is figuring out HOW to hold things together so I can then weld it.  When you weld the wire and heat pushes the metal and I have a hell of a time getting things to stay put that are 'balanced' such as the horizontal pipe/bars that I use in my necklace and bracelet stands.  I find more often than not I am having to take it apart, clean it up and start all over again until I get it right.  One of those love hate things.  Learning...and seeing how much more there is to stumble upon and realizing how powerful it is to be able to put things together that I couldn't have done with epoxy.

Slowly but surely I am listing my jewelry display pieces on etsy.  Here is my jewelry stand section: jewelry + stands.

I especially like the little ring holders that I a…