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i'm finally starting to delve into welding...albeit more 'spot welding' than anything, but none the less, i turn the old machine on and aim the wand and see what happens. above, two new keepsake boxes that have paula shit welds on them.  i have heard oodles of time from oodles of men:  'welding is easy.  i can teachyahow', then they proceed to show me something for a few minutes, have me do it a few minutes and call it quits. 'hand time ya need hand time'.  got it.  i really do.  delve away wondrous artist.  delve away even though in my fantasy world of learnin someone would just stand there and watch me for hours.  days.  they would see the cruddy object i'm trying to weld and help me understand before ruining it what speed to have the wire come out and what temp and why it keeps NOT working or burning holes or looking like small bb guns have attacked the piece instead of a nice fat wad of weld. .i would have a machine that is more powerful and have the balls to spend the money on a tank of argon and use it instead of electricity. but i'm not there yet so do what you can with what you got.

 i'm thinking welding is probably easier if you have pristine metal and great equipment/set up. but then...i got a chance to weld in a machine shop and i still screwed everything up. mmmm.  i find so far i'm completely lost even though i've had a few people show me things here and there.  often i push the lever and the rod comes out and just pushes off of the thing i'm trying to weld. no sparks no weld nothing.  over and over i do it.  mmmm is it weldable metal?  is it galvanized? copper? brass? aluminum?  does the magnet stick to it?  is it clean? do i have my clamp thing that grounds the piece clamped close enough?  IS IT ME???? HAHA  yes its always me except when it comes to art.  then it is about the object and i have to turn everything off inside and listen to it. (probably life is like that too huh)

i have always been rather impatient and hard on myself so i am doubly surprised that for whatever reason i'm not being a pill with this welding thing.  maybe i'm finally wizened up and know the beauty in everything is watching it unfold.  long as i dont blind myself, burn myself, give myself lung cancer burning old paint or burning anything in my studio if the worst thing that happens is i ruin things i'm trying to weld, well so be it.  if you do it long enough you will get it. or not...and move on.

i also welded my first flower yesterday (havent finished it yet so no pic just yet).  welded a thick bolt/rebar together and then welded the delicate tin like material and of course burned holes right thru it. but by god it welded somehow and its beautiful to me!  and so there you have it.  after years of being told i should/could weld...i'm starting it and finally feeling excited about it ~ the desire finally supersedes the obstacles!


Louise said…
I love your work Paula. You seem to be a strong woman with lots of character. I look forward to reading your posts. I hope to own one of your amazingly unique creations one day to put in my little house here in New Zealand. :) x
paula said…
Thank you Louise, I appreciate your taking the time to read this and that you like my boxes :)
Colleen Kole said…
if you do it long enough you get it…

I have to turn everything off and listen to it…

and the beauty of everything is watching it unfold…

I have missed your writing! Always love your art.
paula said…
thank you colleen...its a little difficult to believe anyone likes reading what i write but i am glad to know someone does!
I just love the mental pic of you with weld mask on aiming at the object like an art warrior. You Rock! It will all be what it will. Your all ready more there then not!
paula said…
lol karen..i'm a pretty goofy looking. when people walk by in the parking lot and i'm in my art gear/mode they usually smile or laugh.
Viktoria said…
I´m thrilled that you started welding ! It sounds really dangerous to me !
You will get used to it soon.
I remember the purchase of my first gas canister, I was so afraid of this, I got up several times during the night to control the closing valve. (honestly somehow I´m still afraid of it haha)

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