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i'm finally starting to delve into welding...albeit more 'spot welding' than anything, but none the less, i turn the old machine on and aim the wand and see what happens. above, two new keepsake boxes that have paula shit welds on them.  i have heard oodles of time from oodles of men:  'welding is easy.  i can teachyahow', then they proceed to show me something for a few minutes, have me do it a few minutes and call it quits. 'hand time ya need hand time'.  got it.  i really do.  delve away wondrous artist.  delve away even though in my fantasy world of learnin someone would just stand there and watch me for hours.  days.  they would see the cruddy object i'm trying to weld and help me understand before ruining it what speed to have the wire come out and what temp and why it keeps NOT working or burning holes or looking like small bb guns have attacked the piece instead of a nice fat wad of weld. .i would have a machine that is more powerful and have t…

about my flowers

i received a convo via etsy a few days ago from a student attending Bishop Grosseteste University in England.  she stated that she was an art student, "doing a project and we have to find research into our work and your flower things that you made are perfect of what im sort of doing so i was wondering if you could email me a bit what you do how you do it and your name so i can put you into my portfolio"

well how fun is that. it has been awhile since anyone asked me about my work and how i do it.  i enjoyed replying:

My name is Paula.  I am a self taught artist currently living in Huntsville, Texas. USA.   My work is focused on what many would call 'junk'.  I am attracted to objects that appear to have lost their function; objects that have been lost, tossed, broken and deemed useless. 

I used to be attracted solely to rusty metal but three years ago I started making found object flowers and I found myself seeking out little colorful bits of plastic to add …