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a gift from a friend!

how my work table always looks

studio is actually tidy (yes THIS is tidy)
in december i was given an electric welder.  i got to play with welding two times at a friends a few months ago and he gave me his old welder. AWESOMENESS!!!!  he also gave me one of his first metal tables he made years ago so i would have a grounded surface to work on.  this was and is exciting but it also meant i had to get this hurricane of a studio organized.  when he looked my workspace he made a comment about how i needed shelves which set me into motion to make shelves and finally get organized.  (sometimes all it takes is anothers' eyes to wake you up to your own blindness)

as you can see ~ my studio in the above photos is a disaster.  i lay things out when i work on them, if everything is put away i can't play around and see how 'this looks with that'. but the problem is i had nowhere to put anything away so it just started piling up.  winter is the time i do not work much because its too cold outside to work with metal and too cold inside because i'm too cheap/poor to use heat, i decided to at least organize things to be ready for spring. my shelves SUCK but by god i have em now albeit lopsided and hastily made because i dont know how to make shelves and i dont like working with wood unless its in my own Dionysian way.  i didnt think about them in advance. i made them with a frenetic hatred.  a friend gave me some wood to use and suggested how to put them together.  the first shelf was horrid and i wanted to cry thinking about making another.  by the 3rd shelf my back went out and i was a raving lunatic.  i didnt even take time to think about how tall they should be or how much space should be in between each shelf;  in fact, i was seething with anger the entire time (lots of swearing going on) cuz it was cold out and i was freezing and just wanted them damn things done.   they amuse me in that they lean and the individual shelves themselves slant.  all i know is they hold my shit and i lucked out because my little hardware drawer things (i dont even know what those are called) fit into them even though i never even harbored the thought of putting them on the shelves.

new old metal table to weld on
i'm almost done....i have just a little bit of stuff left to organize and then i'm gonna tackle welding.  which is funny when i think about it because i know i will probably just do spot welding more than anything.  a lot of the things i make can't be welded with this machine anyhow.  i mean...i work with aluminum and copper and other metals besides steel.   if the metal is too thin i wont want the burn marks that welding seems to give.  no matter. but then, how do i know what i'm going to do?  i dont :)  anything can happen.  i gots me a welder, a helmet, AND someone angelically/anonymously gave me another helmet so i can have a welder dude come by and give me pointers.  its actually unbelievable the support i get on a weekly basis from people.  so....LET THE SUN SHINE!


ArtPropelled said…
Hey you! I'm very impressed with what you've achieved in your studio. I wouldn't know how to make a shelf!
AnitaNH said…
So glad that you are back blogging. Awesome organization.
Happy Valentines Day!
paula said…
ha! comments!!!!!! from my two of my fav artists :)
Lisa Fulton said…
I am always fascinated by pictures of artists' work spaces. There seem to be a few who must have ultra-neatness in order to function. But there are definitely those who do best when allowed to exist and work within their own "clutter". Disorganized yet organized - they know where everything is, and need to be able to get to it easily. I am fascinated that the artwork they then produce is highly organized (by visual and artistic standards).

I love your workshop. I made a good worktable simply using concrete blocks and a solid core unfinished door.
Colleen Kole said…
By making shelves, it looks like your space has doubled. Nice you have the tools to try the way you want to and play with it.

I impressed as well. :) and great to have you back-for however long you decide to blog.
Rachel Biel said…
Great job, Paula! I have space issues, too. Ugh.

My Dad had a workshop when I was growing up and I would spend hours watching him make stuff. He did some welding, too. I can see you really taking off with it once you get the feel for what you can do with it. Have fun! Winter will be over soon for us and we can get back into the outdoor swing of things. I am ready!
Good for you. Can't wait to see what comes out of your new improved studio :)
Hastypearl said…
Trans. For. Mational.
Good grief!
Is there anything that you CANT do?
So, seriously, WHY arent you writing as your second job?
During those crazy cold days, when you aren't wanting to freeeeeeze yourself, you SHOULD be making money writing. You definitely have the gift.
DO it!!!!!!!!!
paula said…
wow i have readers still!!!???? :) yeah lisa, you would think my art would be chaotic but it is austere oftentimes and i'm now thinking about those sterile work studios and the artist makes chaos.
rachel..70's today....its time now!
laura...apparently i can't spell and i can't make a living...and i can't find a better way to live. BUT. i'm happier than a pig in poo today cuz it was warm and i made 8 flowers. the writing is usually dangerous, whenever i write i get into massive icky moods. it'll change i'm sure. but thanks :)

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