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in december i was given an electric welder.  i got to play with welding two times at a friends a few months ago and he gave me his old welder. AWESOMENESS!!!!  he also gave me one of his first metal tables he made years ago so i would have a grounded surface to work on.  this was and is exciting but it also meant i had to get this hurricane of a studio organized.  when he looked my workspace he made a comment about how i needed shelves which set me into motion to make shelves and finally get organized.  (sometimes all it takes is anothers' eyes to wake you up to your own blindness)

as you can see ~ my studio in the above photos is a disaster.  i lay things out when i work on them, if everything is put away i can't play around and see how 'this looks with that'. but the problem is i had nowhere to put anything away so it just started piling up.  winter is the time i do not work much because its too cold outside to work with metal and too cold inside because i'm too…

a revival?

I'm thinking I will try blogging again.  Last year google ended their 'google reader' which was how I was connected to the blogs I followed.  I realize there are other RSS feeds but I loved google reader as it tied into my google home page (which google ALSO got rid of).  Seeing as I have been self absorbed this last year when it comes to online doings ie: not reading blogs, barely looking at facebook posts and mostly trying to keep my head above water and make sales on etsy which has been very tumultuous since all of their changes about a year ago, I figure if anything I can at least connect with new people if I've lost my old readers.

Having said that.  I'm back.  For now...I think.