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Open Studio and weekend coupon codes for etsy shop!

This Saturday from 4:30-7pm I will have my studio open for people to come by and  purchase anything/everything!  Dan Phillips of the Phoenix Commotion will be having his monthly tour that day (flyers will be included to those attending on how to get to me.)  You can find out more information on their website: The Phoenix Commotion 
It's a great time see some cool houses made with reclaimed materials. I have worked on a few projects with Dan as have several other artists, it's inspiring to see what is possible when so many talented people get together!
I also just sent out a newsletter as well as posted on my Facebook Fan page about my weekend PaulaArt and Industrial Bloom 'sale'. (see below for info and codes)
Hi All!

While I haven't had much 'news' I am still plugging away, doing what I do over here in Texas.  I am doing a bit of an experiment to boost sales during this slower time and have created coupon codes for my two etsy shops.  These codes refle…

artist's life

its frustrating at times living this life.  being an artist.  needing and wanting much time alone clashes with needing and wanting what i deem quality time with people (which in and of itself is also a challenge).  needing and wanting my art to be seen and to sell so i have psychic space and real space so that i can make more, not to mention paying bills and earning my keep.

i spend most of my time alone.  its easier in some ways than it used to be.  i'm more comfortable with who i am and enjoy working uninterrupted.  its harder because i AM more comfortable with who i am and wish i had someone to hang with that had an interest in scrap/found objects/art as well as the TIME to find it.  i dearly miss walking with tod looking for little shits on the ground that make up my flowers.  i usually go looking every day if i can, it takes a constant vigilance combing the streets for morsels of bright plastic that can be used with otherwise 'dark' rusty objects.  the tiniest most…