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West Austin Studio Tour

Heads up! This weekend and next weekend the West Austin Studio Tour begins!  I will have a fair amount of work displayed at stop #14 thanks to Laura who has done a tremendous amount of work organizing, publicizing and readying her studio for this event.  You can find out more by going to her blog.  THANK YOU LAURA!!!!  I invite anyone who is in Austin to stop by, say hi and check out the variety of works she and other artists will be exhibiting!

ps I'm happy to say I did finally get all of my work back from the PA Gallery.  Not really thrilled with the way it was packed and returned, a few things a little worse for wear but given the lack of proper packing I'm just glad nothing got seriously damaged.  Who knows why things happen, that certainly seemed like a complete waste of time, effort and money.  Chalk it up to another life experience and move on.


per the last blog post about the gallery stuff.  i guess i just have to assume/trust i'll get my work back eventually.  since it is coming back very prematurely it would have been nice to get it back when she said she was sending it (nearly 2 weeks ago) as i do have a friend in austin who would happily show my flowers and boxes in the austin west end studio tour that she is partaking in.  that is just a few weeks away.  yeah i have other stuff i can get to her but the flowers were my tallest/best put together and most income making of them all.  breath.  open my mind and remember i cannot control anything and everything just IS. (i feel i should reiterate that i bent over backwards to get art to this gallery and then they didnt even open up the boxes for 3 weeks.  now they are ignoring me when i ask to please send me delivery confirmation info so i have a clue when its coming.  i sent the check to have my boxes shipped back and there really isnt any excuse for this sort of behavio…