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try again

i do not feel efficient.  i feel completely scattered.
over a month ago etsy made what was kinda a big change to things and i have been trying to recover from it view wise. sales wise.  its a slow time of year anyhow but to have suddenly get a huge loss in views because of their change has been completely overwhelming.  were it not for a few repeat customers i would be fucked.  JUST when i was getting lots of views, consistent sales from 'new people'....the rug got pulled out from under me and i feel like i'm starting from scratch again.  i spend HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS screwing with keywords, marketing, trying to get seen online again.

to top it off, many of you know i have help with $$ and that got cut a little and probably will more this year. i try to live in the moment so i dont wake up sweating with panic and fear.  everything is falling name it. from clothing/shoes/car/computer stuff, camera, tools....ME.  i'm not 20 anymore.  menopause picked the worst time to come get me.  there are days i am so tired i feel like moby dick is taking a nap on top of me.  but no one is going to do it for me so i have no choice but to keep doing whatever it is i do.

i got into a PA gallery this year but that was cut short.  i guess i'm responsible for that debacle.  it leaves a sour taste in my mouth but what can i do, move on.  i personally found it frustrating that this place wanted my work ASAP for a feb 1st friday art walk.  i shipped 2 boxes PRONTO.  i never heard a word.  granted i am not showing 7k pieces, and they wanted my work mostly for (as they put it...)
'spontaneous purchases', still, would it have been such an onerous deed to say hey paula got the work thank you. it arrived safely.  love it.  hate it. whatever.  but no. nothing.  so i checked in.  the first friday was literally days away from when the boxes arrived.  i waited a week and then said well how was it?  they wanted to put several of my big flowers outside.  'oh it rained'.  i waited 3 weeks and inquired again, their response....OH THE BOXES HAVENT BEEN UNPACKED YET.  huh?  are you kidding me?  so basically you lied to me about even getting the work out in time for the first friday.

i then decided to find out how long they wanted my work because i'm trying to get a feel for my inventory and find other venues instead of depending on online sales.  what i got back for a response was 'please confirm your shipping address i will return everything next week'.  wow.  so the 3 month stint i was to have turned into 3 weeks.

bitter taste.  i'm sure in their eyes i was just an annoying person who is a nuisance.  i cannot imagine, i really can't, receiving art from an artist and not saying a damn word about it.

anyhow.  onward.  my life feels so constipated sometimes.

another etsy friend in new mexico kindly gave me the name of a gallery she is in in taos.  i called them yesterday and the woman seemed warm. human. communicative.  she asked me to send images.  i did.  i got a response immediately saying in a few days the owner will look but she is NUTS about my clocks.  (i'm hoping they are nuts about my keepsake boxes and flowers too).  so i'm paying for my shipping which is expensive ...i was under the impression the PA gallery was paying for shipping both ways. initially i said i am very tight with money and if she wanted the work she could pay for shipping since it was such a rush job...anyhow, now i find she is having me pay for shipping if i want my work back.  and now i will be hopefully shipping more stuff elsewhere.  and shipping stuff to austin that another etsy friend wants to help get my work out there.  she has been so kind offering  to take my work places and get us both into retail or galleries.  the biggest problem is i dont make big expensive things and it is a huge challenge for me to wrap my head around getting only 50% of say a $40 item.  but if i can't make enough sales online right now i have to do something.

it very difficult for me to have a feel for what should be online, what should go here or there.  how to handle all the things i make and figure out where to send it. how to pay for all that.  how to afford life.  i work my ass off and i just hope i have enough to buy coffee and food and toilet paper and hardware supplies to keep making art.  i dont feel i have a choice, living the way i do.  i did reopen my 3rd etsy shop which sells 'destashy' type stuff.  i sold $6.50 worth of bullet shell casings this week (and that is before etsy takes their cut).  I WAS THRILLED hahaha. and with that....back to it. 


Helen-S said…
I think the last few weeks have been pretty quiet on Etsy all round even without the browse thing. Hopefully it will pick soon, hang on in there.
I like to think there is a special place in Hell for people who take advantage of artists. I'm sad for your bad experience with the PA gallery.
Jo Murray said…
In this world there are pains in the ass...and then there are caring and kind people. I am hoping you get to deal with the second kind from now on.. Good luck.
paula said…
i think it is all just random luck. someone i know has work in that gallery and has no problem with the person. i think i made the mistake of asking/being in touch and expecting some sort of communication. i am a peon and have no right to ask apparently. i just hope i get my work back, and in the condition i sent it in.
Colleen Kole said…
well the title says it all-try again

Sorry for your bad experience. Rotten people out there but I hope you soon find the nice ones. Makes you paranoid when it doesn't work.
My blood pressure is WAY up reading about that damn gallery.

Hope these other opportunities pan out for you. Your work is damn good and needs to get out there.

I had no idea Etsy had done anything. I'm so far removed from Etsy since I moved. It hadn't worked for me for so long so I haven't noticed a difference.

paula said…
thanks kim. i'm still in anxiety mode about that place. i'm traumatized by places in the past keeping work/not paying for it and so far i'm not hearing a peep as to when i'm getting it back. i'm basically being ignored.

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