new clocks and jewelry hanger

reclaimed wood pallet jewelry holder

desk clock

wall clock
i post most of my remarkable new pieces on my facebook fan page so the clocks are already old news after a week of being in existence.  the wood pallet jewelry holder is fresh meat as of sunday (i actually have 2 more that are identical but am only listing one on etsy for now).  what i love about the pallet wood is the variation in color/texture.  the warpage.  the battered beat up feel to them wish rusty holes where the nails were.  its hard work taking those things apart.  last summer i was beating the living shit out of them and my body in the parking lot.  they look simple i suppose, and they are but its a design that is all my own from one of a kind found objects.  i had to find those pallets.  lug em home, dismantle them, clean them and store them to await being cut up and made into something functional. the knobs (also shown on facebook a few weeks ago) all came from the back of a building that has been empty for as long as i've lived here and is just now getting resurrected.  i guess its fitting i'm resurrecting something that came from it.  here is a  picture of all of them fresh from the 'find'.  most of the knobs came off easily, some might not be salvageable.  oh well, i got something made from this bucket of otherwise cruddy looking material!


Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Your clocks--I've always been a fan. Everything you touch turns to art.

Viktoria said...

love the clocks !
The base of the desk clock is great, it looks like a rearview mirror.

Some treasures in that pile...

paula said...

thanks ladies :) viktoria, i think it is actually an old soap dish....its brass too.