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in the last post i wrote you can see the first lamp that i made, thanks in part to my online art friend mike of destructive testing. he encouraged me to make lamps and even sent me two lamp making kits last summer!  he also sent ME a lamp he made from a found object that i sent him (i found it in the streets and felt it would be a perfect mike lamp and it is!) and a few days ago he sent me another lamp!  the little one on the left is my newest from him and it makes me smile.

i have another friend online that has sent me over the course of the last 6 months two or three packages of goodies to make things with.  i have made a few pendants and more recently i made this flower.  i love that i didnt know what the object was that she sent me until one day when i looked at the back of a truck, i saw on each side of the lic. plate these little bulbous things that were exactly what she sent me!  and when i started playing with the piece it came apart into two pieces and inside was a bulb.  i removed the bulb, added a wide washer put the two pieces back together and wahla...a flower!

available here

i've had so much support from artists over the last few years.  during the end of the year i have had some tools break, one i have yet to replace just because i'm not ready to spend the money (my saw i use to cut pipes), but the other tool, my dremel.... an online artist sent me their spare and another artist then went and bought me a brand new one that was variable speed (the other one wasnt variable and it is now MY stand by )

many have bought my work, sent me 'junk' and been supportive and more importantly given me their friendship.  i still have my art patron support for rent.  it really wouldnt be possible for me to keep making art and living how i do without the people in my life.  i like to think i give as much as i can to people i know in the ways that i can.  i send art to people, anyone in my real life who needs help usually gets it if i can help.  people are kinda what it is all about.  well, people and art :)


I agree, Paula--people and attatchments...

Love what you are making!
paula said…
i still have and love my lavender satchel from you ;)

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now i remember another reason i stopped blogging...i have been dickering around with trying to upload 2 photos with links and captions for longer than i should.  much easier to just do it elsewhere.
lets try again....

New Art Find: Louis Pons

Louis Pons, 1991 Dock Assemblage
Louis Pons, 1981 Fils à papa Assemblage
 Louis Pons, 1974 Trésor no. II Relief 
 Louis Pons, 1972 Safari bleu Relief 
 Louis Pons, 2003 The Recluse Mixed Technique 
Friday New Art Finds.  ha.  I'm posting it early because my blog needs something on it other than ME.   I present to you Louis Pons.  Born in Marseilles, France in 1927 and apparently still going strong.  I have little to no information on this artist, he appears to be elusive on the net.  I recently watched a strange little movie called 'The Gleaners and I' by Agnus Varda.  She had a blip on him and I set to searching for images or information online only to come up with a small wikipedia blip and a few sites containing his work.
No matter, it's enough just to see his work.  This site if you translate it, appears to have the most information of any:
Primary studies at Marseilles, school of the Carthusian monks.
School of the Trades, Endoume, Marseilles. He learns the trade from fitter bu…

dairy delight

I was perusing craigslist and saw this:

Disassembling antique barn..
All interior components that ran dairy farm.
Silo made from Ceramic Blocks. Many different uses for the ceramic blocks.
2 sets Hay hooks.
Cow stantion.
Watering bowls.
Cow dividers.
Louden Hay Dryer app. 1940's
Block and Tackle Pulleys

I started SALIVATING. I checked the site out they linked to and saw it was an antique type store/house and worried they might be off the charts expensive. Not even sure they had what I want, but those clocks and hay shelves I made from the watering bowls and hay dryer equipment are to me, precious materials and I want MORE even if I have to buy them. I'm starting to get excited, so far the emails come back saying yes, they are those bowls that I want. Yes, the picture I emailed showing the hay things I have are indeed what he has. He has about FORTY of the cow bowls at a price I can live with, my one concern is they aren't rusty or crusty enough since the ones I…