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in the last post i wrote you can see the first lamp that i made, thanks in part to my online art friend mike of destructive testing. he encouraged me to make lamps and even sent me two lamp making kits last summer!  he also sent ME a lamp he made from a found object that i sent him (i found it in the streets and felt it would be a perfect mike lamp and it is!) and a few days ago he sent me another lamp!  the little one on the left is my newest from him and it makes me smile.

i have another friend online that has sent me over the course of the last 6 months two or three packages of goodies to make things with.  i have made a few pendants and more recently i made this flower.  i love that i didnt know what the object was that she sent me until one day when i looked at the back of a truck, i saw on each side of the lic. plate these little bulbous things that were exactly what she sent me!  and when i started playing with the piece it came apart into two pieces and inside was a bulb.  i r…