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found in a field
well...i finally made a light.  mike from destructive testing on etsy had sent me two light kits MONTHS ago.  i kinda think he gave up on  me.  but look mike i finally did it!  i dont know why i thought it was so frickin difficult.  when he kept telling me i should make a light i avoided it completely.  he never gave up....and then one day he sent ME a light he made and the 2 kits.  i was afraid to even open it or study it.  i kept them in my studio space where i would see them every day.  they tormented me.  i even had a friend who is an artist and that makes lights (amongst other amazing works) come over and show me how the lighting equipment works.  i avoided longer.  this was a laborious task making this light.  but i feel pretty good about it.  its ugly.  its steampunk.  its not what i would expect to make but i did. and i like it.

the materials:  i have a friend who told/showed me where the above blue metal stuck in concrete blobs were...out in a field.  we hauled some back and i eventually went and got more on my own.  i love how things come altogether if you just wait long enough.  after cutting the blue 'tubes' and then later just hammering the hell out of the concrete rather than cutting the metal (and therefore netting me a few more inches of perdy blue metal)...i got a handful of beautiful metal to work with.  the base of the light is a pulley i got from who knows where.  the 'light' part i believe i got at the scrap yard. this is nut and bolted together as well as jb welded.  i'm also thrilled when i can make something without the ability to hot weld.  i will be listing this on etsy sometime soon.  THANK YOU MIKE FOR ENCOURAGING ME!!!


This is so cooool with the pulley for a base! You have just conquered Mount Everest, so to speak!
best, nadia
Lisa Fulton said…
Looks great, Paula. It beats the Pixar light all to pieces.
paula said…
:) thank you ladies!
mfsmith said…
Hey Paula, I love it! It's very cool. You did it! The idea, concept, whatever is what is so special about these lamps. The actual construction details like how to attach the socket, and how to get the wire where you need it to go, etc gets easier as you do more. And, I hope you will. Just another sort of item to entice your buyers. I'd certainly trade one of mine for one of yours. Mike
paula said…
:) thank you mike, your approval on means the most to me!!! i will probably make a few more since my metal saw is not working right and i'm not wanting to do anything about it just yet. really appreciate all the info you sent me on this stuff, your the best!
Anonymous said…
The light is amazing. What a find.
paula said…
thank you don!
Happy New Years, Paula! Saw you on fp of the etsy site--always a pleasure. Hope this year finds you well and roaring...XXX
PS I love your lights...
paula said…
thanks for letting me know dawn (about fp) :) glad you like my first light! sending love to you!

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