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well...i finally made a light.  mike from destructive testing on etsyhad sent me two light kits MONTHS ago.  i kinda think he gave up on  me.  but look mike i finally did it!  i dont know why i thought it was so frickin difficult.  when he kept telling me i should make a light i avoided it completely.  he never gave up....and then one day he sent ME a light he made and the 2 kits.  i was afraid to even open it or study it.  i kept them in my studio space where i would see them every day.  they tormented me.  i even had a friend who is an artist and that makes lights (amongst other amazing works) come over and show me how the lighting equipment works.  i avoided longer.  this was a laborious task making this light.  but i feel pretty good about it.  its ugly.  its steampunk.  its not what i would expect to make but i did. and i like it.

the materials:  i have a friend who told/showed me where the above blue metal stuck in concrete blobs were...out in a field.  we hauled some back and…