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pallet clock

repurposed pallet clock

remember this summer when i went wild getting pallets and dismantling them?  i instinctively knew i would work with them in cooler months.  seeing as my pipe cutting saw is now out of commission ~ i can still use it but the $100 blades only net me 100 cuts or so now that the arbor is messed up and its all out of balance.  its not worth sending out of state to fix.  that leaves me with my older pipe cutting saw that uses an abrasive blade that costs $8 but melts the pipe/ the paint and leaves a stinky toxic mess in its wake and only lasts a few hours before it becomes a nub of a blade.  so....time to work on something else til i make the money to buy a better saw.

i found a small pallet that had paint on it.  just 2 of the boards were this beautiful blue and rather than use it with other boards in a table i decided to make a clock.  its simple but beautiful.  the round thing is a cut off blade from an angle grinder that was a gift.  i love it when people send me junk in the mail to make art with!

so, i'm finally finishing up a cross i've been working on since LAST DECEMBER.

still not sure i can or will make much furniture from the pallets.  i've made 3 pieces for myself and am finding many of the boards are warped pretty badly and that makes getting legs right and having a no wobble table a huge challenge for someone who doesnt even know what they are doing to begin with.  i'm happy with 2 of my tables but the 3rd one is purely functional and will go into the burn pile when i move on.

i'm also wanting to make more pendants. its a challenge to find interesting objects that warrant being pendant worthy.  seeing as i dont like to paint or add anything to the found object, its slow going finding things i want to work with.  snails pace all of it.

guess i'm a bit off not having my pipe stuff to work on.  i always had something to do when i was making pipe stuff, there was always something to clean/grind and assemble.  true its more 'thoughtless' art but its been my source of income for the better part of the last 2 years! i think its all good though, forcing myself to go thru the materials i have and see what else there is to make.  good to take a break and breath.  rest.  work at a slower pace until a fire lights.  there is a time for everything.


It's always an assembler's high when you come across something with natural paint--that blue board is wonderful! And rare.

I see you added a strip of wood at the bottom to make it lie flat against the wall.

Just so you know, the pallets we bring in from France are chemically treated, maybe you already wear gloves when you work with that wood?
paula said…
yeah i look for the usa HT sign that is supposed to be 'clean'. i dont get pallets from certain places that i assume store toxic chemicals on them and i clean them off with a light bleach/water solution. thanks for caring :)
paula said…
oh and the wood was added to pop the clock off the wall so the clock movement isnt smashed. i do that with all the clocks and other wall art as i dont like the flat look for art.
ArtPropelled said…
Loving the blue with the red in the angle grinder wheel. I also love your puzzle man on Etsy.

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