new stuff

tribal pendant from found objects available here

dual candle holder from found nuts and metal available here

tribal pendant available here

pallet jewelry holder available here
found object wall clock available here
keepsake box from tube, lic. plate, nut and bullet casing available here
for as much as i would love to be cutting more pipes and making my usual suspects...i'm really okay with not having my tool working.  not ready to buy a new one just yet which kinda of pushes me to finish projects and start new ones.  i have a few pipe things left to work on, but right now i'm focusing on using some of my pallet wood (above the necklace holder) to make jewelry holders and tables.  i'm tinkering with making 2 lights since an online friend sent me a package with a couple light paraphernalia thingies and still working on more pendants.

its cooler out.  less time to work outside thanks to daylight savings time but winter is a good time to try new things and allow for creative messes OR masterpieces!


Kim Hambric said...

All fantastic pieces!! Really loving that tribal pendant.

deborah from collagewhirl said...

I'm a keepsake box fan!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the candle holder! (and all the rest)

paula said...

i love that y'all like something different :)

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Paula. Just stopped by to see what you've been cooking up. Beautiful pieces, as usual. I'm particularly fond of the clocks you make and the license plate box tickles my fancy.

By the way, the cross that was so finicky to make is stunning. Hope you found a client who can appreciate the work you put into it.
Have a happy holiday season!
best, nadia

paula said...

nadia, one big :) thank you for stopping by!