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new stuff

for as much as i would love to be cutting more pipes and making my usual suspects...i'm really okay with not having my tool working.  not ready to buy a new one just yet which kinda of pushes me to finish projects and start new ones.  i have a few pipe things left to work on, but right now i'm focusing on using some of my pallet wood (above the necklace holder) to make jewelry holders and tables.  i'm tinkering with making 2 lights since an online friend sent me a package with a couple light paraphernalia thingies and still working on more pendants.

its cooler out.  less time to work outside thanks to daylight savings time but winter is a good time to try new things and allow for creative messes OR masterpieces!


oh lord dear god in heaven jesus almightees...i finished the fffing cross.  i has been working on it since last december.  its one of the most tedious pieces of aht i ever done made.  if you want it its here.

pallet clock

remember this summer when i went wild getting pallets and dismantling them?  i instinctively knew i would work with them in cooler months.  seeing as my pipe cutting saw is now out of commission ~ i can still use it but the $100 blades only net me 100 cuts or so now that the arbor is messed up and its all out of balance.  its not worth sending out of state to fix.  that leaves me with my older pipe cutting saw that uses an abrasive blade that costs $8 but melts the pipe/ the paint and leaves a stinky toxic mess in its wake and only lasts a few hours before it becomes a nub of a blade.  so....time to work on something else til i make the money to buy a better saw.

i found a small pallet that had paint on it.  just 2 of the boards were this beautiful blue and rather than use it with other boards in a table i decided to make a clock.  its simple but beautiful.  the round thing is a cut off blade from an angle grinder that was a gift.  i love it when people send me junk in the mail to ma…