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new found object art pendants

bone and metal pendant available here

made a few new pendants in the last couple of days. all are available for sale now in my etsy shop. (go to found object jewelry section on the left column) fun stuff, i look forward to making more!

 available here

and this one...does anyone know what you call the hook things that you hang caught fish from?  thats what the body of the pendant is, with a small coil/spring thing that i got from an auto shop.

available here


Tod said…
Love me some pig bone!
Viktoria said…
great idea to take metal springs for mounting!
Well, bones are not my favorite adornment, but I can imagine these as a fast-selling item for men´s gift! your disaster-work table!
sarala said…
Kind of cool, except I find the pig bone a bit gross.
Lisa Fulton said…
Paula, you have a sure touch. I see you making things that people can like and use, yet staying true to your own creative instinct. Not giving way to the easy, sweet, or sentimental in hopes of popularity.

Your work table is great! Reminds me of my grandfather's work shop: out of chaos comes order.
AnitaNH said…
Love the new pendants, Paula. Those fishing things are "safety snap connectors."
paula said…
funny shara, you coming from the doctor world and artist world. bones are so natural and wonderful. lovely things.
lisa, you always seem to say things that make me feel stunned and grateful. i really appreciate you.
anita! i googled everything trying to find those thank you, now i know :) course i can't be buying brand new but its good to know they are out there!
ArtPropelled said…
The bone and metal pendant is my favourite ever! The photograph is pretty good too. I showed the safety snap to my man because I remember seeing them lying around and you won't believe it, but he threw them out. If I find any more I will mail them to you Paula.
paula said…
haha robyn, i love that you would actually wanna send me those thing from across the globe :) i'm glad you like the bone one, that is a real compliment!

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