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one of my work tables...always a disaster
i guess i'm due for a post.  i've been doing a lot.  making a lot of the usual suspects. keepsake boxes  candle holders, pendants and a few clocks here and there.  funny how i still like pipes.  still finding interesting one to make things with.  no end in sight for now. i'm enjoying it while i can, who knows one day i will be somewhere where i can't get into a scrap yard huh?

i dont really have much to say.  as i notice my lack of blog comments anymore i realize no one probably cares anyhow.  what can i say. i'm not that interesting.  i make stuff and thats about all there is to me.  being quiet. living low.  wondering/waiting to see if and when/where i end up.  kinda keeping to myself i guess.  the fear that i will 'disappear' from the buzz if i dont blab on facebook or even here is something i'd rather just walk through.  if there isnt anything to say there isnt anything to say.  and i dont got nothing much to say. just enjoying slightly cooler weather and relishing that i still get to wake up and spend my days looking for objects and figuring out what cool thing i can make.

i am trying to sniff around for places to sell/show my work.  not galleries anymore, but maybe shops? online places?  planting seeds and seeing what grows.  happy fall people!

its that time of year...cracklin red candle holders are back! 

reliquary box with supa cool lid
super crusty texas lic place lid with lug nut and bullet casing handle - keepsake box
keepsake box
found object necklace


Colleen Kole said…
Well due care.
Sometimes just need to be quiet and then the quiet does lead to the next thing.

Your work is always beautiful.
AnitaNH said…
Fascinating work table photo--I had to click to enlarge to enjoy the fine details. Love the barbed wire and the metal washers!
paula said…
haha anita, what about THE ART. just kidding. i know it isnt that different than what i always do and probably not even ur taste.
colleen, glad you see beauty :)
I'm liking your stuff.

Good luck with the sniffing.

That worktable is a damn mess. Great things come from it, though. Whatever works.
Hi, Paula. Your work is beautiful and original, as always. Love the lids and the pendant especially. Blog comments aren't an indication of much of anything. I would stop by more often if I wasn't overloaded with work. You ARE an interesting person. Of course, you have a quiet life (mine is even quieter) because you are doing the work and you have to search for materials. All very time consuming. Cheer up, your social life looks better than mine. I see exactly 2 other people for weeks on end!
best, nadia
paula said…
thank you nadia. you know how it is then :) and i dont comment on blogs much myself.....maybe blogs just dont hold the same interest for me and i am projecting haha thanks for your words.
Angela Recada said…
Gorgeous work, Paula!

I've noticed, too, that blogging, bloggers, and the number of comments on posts have changed over the past few years. That doesn't mean it's not still a worthwhile way to communicate with others.

But, it takes SO much time and effort constantly networking to get people to leave lots of comments on each post. Quality over quantity applies here, too, right? You are smart to put most of your efforts into making art and living your life.

Like others who have commented already, I need to add that your life is a LOT more interesting than mine. A LOT!
paula said…
you are right angela...i guess the effort it takes to blog seems wasted if i dont know anyone is reading/looking. i'd rather past on facebook fan page or pinterest! ultimately guess i should do what i want and not what i think i should.
the whole 'interesting life thing' is relative i'm sure. my life is very repetitious and solitary which i like but sometimes i'm numb to it i guess. thanks for commenting :)
I love this new direction of yours. The Texas keepsake box is to die for! How's the writing going?
paula said…
thanks, i like the texas ones too :)
no writing here....
ArtPropelled said…
I would certainly miss seeing and hearing about what you are creating or what is happening in your life. It might take me a while to comment but I always enjoy your posts. Love the crusty texas keepsake box and the necklace in particular. Happy Fall to you Paula! Think of me in the hot Summer sun.
paula said…
truth be told i rarely comment on blogs, i read them all thru google reader. so who am i to complain :)
so i never miss your stuff either and i appreciate that you check in on me.
have fun with the screaming monkeys!
Rebeca Trevino said…
don't stop blogging, those of us who follow you may not always be able to leave a comment, or for whatever reason, some days people can't stop by. your work is good. you don't have to worry about that. keep doing what you are doing. your work is terrific.
paula said…
thank you rebecca....and i get it :)

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