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new found object art pendants

bone and metal pendant available here

made a few new pendants in the last couple of days. all are available for sale now in my etsy shop. (go to found object jewelry section on the left column) fun stuff, i look forward to making more!
 available here

and this one...does anyone know what you call the hook things that you hang caught fish from?  thats what the body of the pendant is, with a small coil/spring thing that i got from an auto shop.

available here


i guess i'm due for a post.  i've been doing a lot.  making a lot of the usual suspects. keepsake boxes, candle holders,pendantsand a few clocks here and there.  funny how i still like pipes.  still finding interesting one to make things with.  no end in sight for now. i'm enjoying it while i can, who knows one day i will be somewhere where i can't get into a scrap yard huh?

i dont really have much to say.  as i notice my lack of blog comments anymore i realize no one probably cares anyhow.  what can i say. i'm not that interesting.  i make stuff and thats about all there is to me.  being quiet. living low.  wondering/waiting to see if and when/where i end up.  kinda keeping to myself i guess.  the fear that i will 'disappear' from the buzz if i dont blab on facebook or even here is something i'd rather just walk through.  if there isnt anything to say there isnt anything to say.  and i dont got nothing much to say. just enjoying slightly cooler weathe…