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still doing what i do

i feel like i just got thru some sort of heat marathon as the last four weeks as been one hot humid ordeal and i all but gave up working on art.  it was just too miserable outside to work and i just waited it out. it finally got cooler this weekend.  FINALLY.  so i spent all of saturday outside cutting pipes, working on this and that...humming along, doing what i do.  i changed it up a bit and made some flowers that do not have rebar stems.  these are slim and short, perfect for indoor vases as well as small garden areas.  i only have a handful of this 'stem' material so i will probably net about 30 or 40 flowers from it. 

and i've added some new candle holders to my paulaart etsy shop....a bright splash of PINK believe it or not.  it was a short pipe (both the white and pink) so i used half of it to make this first batch and will hold onto the rest for a bit as i find that it behooves me to not use up all of a pipe, more often than not people will contact me on etsy and say hey can you make me something with that pipe this size?  sure enough :)

so i'm still working on my pipe/flower stuff.  still working on little reliquary boxes.  pendants.  pallet furniture.  this and that.  kinda have to keep working with the materials that are available to me for free or cheap at the scrap yard.  my loft space is getting full up i am doing my best to take it one day at time without driving myself nuts thinking/worrying/scheming.  it is a simple existence in many ways and most times monastic in that i am here, doing what i do day in and day out with little interaction from anyone else unless i push away from the studio space and go find someone to yabber at. 


Kim Hambric said…
Once I finally get moved in to a house in Charleston, I'm gonna buy me a handful of flowers for my teeny tiny garden. I love them all!!
Lisa D. said…
I dont do pink, but those are so nice! You're so creative Paula!
Viktoria said…
love the 3rd picture!
The flowers look like grown by themselves!
Good the humid weather is over....
Teo said…
You say, same old same old but your work always looks so original and cool to me. I don't know how you do it. I totally love the electric blue vase, the orange green flower couple and the pink candle holders! You even managed to use pink and not seem corny. Keep up the good work Paula, it's never boring!
...and doing it beautifully!
paula said…
wow kim :) i'm honored at the thought!
lisa..i dont do pink either but i did and i'm glad!
teo...ya know i was thinking about that. why is it i feel like i always have to do something new or different. i mean a painter PAINTS. i work with found objects just because i end up making the same types of it any different than painting landscapes? gee i'm hard on me.
viktoria...dawn....thanks :)
ArtPropelled said…
I never grow tired of looking at what you do and the original way you photograph your work (love the second photo of the box of flowers).

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