new functional goodies

pipe reliquary boxes with found object lids
(wood wheel on left and lug nut stuffed with bullet shell on right)

reliquary box and open containers from scrap metal
mini reliquary box

close up reliquary box lid with lug nut and bullet shell handle
old gym equipment made into tea candle holders

gym equipment tea candle holders

brown/black rusty tube tea candle holders
round reliquary box with found object lid
a few newer pieces....loving making these containers/reliquary boxes/candle holders.  to see my latest boxes go here. to see my latest candle holders go here.  all other non-lidded storage containers are here.  i find these are perfect for holding usb sticks, ear buds, jewelry, personal thangs that you just dont want out there in the open. 


Rebeca Trevino said...

beautifully done!

Anonymous said...

Love them! One of these days when I have a real actual address I am going to order something from you. How cool an entire garden would be done by Paula!

ArtPropelled said...