my world

dear god it was cool today.  the first cool morning since april.  overcast.  perfect for a walk and a few photos.  i've been meaning to take a picture of this...down the street 2 blocks is the old jail.  it is now a lawyers office but this is still in the parking lot AND the upstairs still has bars on it.  is it a jail up there?
the best part...i was wanting more galvanized steel sheets and to the left of this i saw a big one.  i shall go there tomorrow and ask.  ....and i'm wondering, that reserved for jail cook sign looks too new to be old doesnt it?????

i dont know if you can see this, but above the door is the ten commandments.  i feel a small twist in my intestines when i see that.

oddly i see so many 'wrong' doors here.  they just are wrong. 

this is behind a house that isnt occupied.  a friend pointed this out to me, this odd childs plaything.  he loves it.  and i do too.

again...a block away.  to the right is restaurant where bovinal people eat.  the left has various and sundry places that god only knows how they stay in business.

scrap yard/recycle place just 1.5 blocks away.  i like to walk by and see if there is a good heap there for me and yes...there is

a good day. i walked. i took pictures to amuse myself.  i worked.  it rained.  a rare pop over of a few friends.  i did the best i could.


Kimberly said...

I love your tour and wrong doorways!

Anonymous said...

That street looks so like there should be some kind of cowboy standoff going on it it

Misplaced said...

Very cool. The child's backyard toy is wonderful.

paula said...

its uncanny really that i recently got rid of your blog and email address because i thought you had stuffed yourself into a bottle and sailed away forever