industrial storage

reliquary boxes made from scrap tube, electrical panel and misc. hardware
close up of electrical panel lid
open container
reliquary boxes made from reclaimed tubes, cut steel and found electrical plugs

male and female household electrical extension plug lid handles

reliquary box from metal, old sign, spark plug and nut

found metal cut and varnished serves as perfume bottle holder or otherwise

business post card holder
cut yellow pipe ~ lid made from an old sign with added metal cut outs stacked for the handle

i've made more containers and storage thingies.  i'm loving making these.  the possibilities are endless when it comes to lid ideas.  i love using the old electrical parts for lids!  it just makes me feel giddy to find a use for stuff that even i thought was crap but knew to save.  i want more....i got these in vermont and only have a few left.  where to find those for free....

the brown box lids are made from an electrical panel someone gave me. i am especially fond of the writing on it  love that.  i fashioned the little handle by bending the metal ( i should know what that is called but i dont and i guess it isnt important).

i sure am having fun with these.  focusing on making more as well as more pendants for the howlidays.

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