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industrial storage

i've made more containers and storage thingies.  i'm loving making these.  the possibilities are endless when it comes to lid ideas.  i love using the old electrical parts for lids!  it just makes me feel giddy to find a use for stuff that even i thought was crap but knew to save.  i want more....i got these in vermont and only have a few left.  where to find those for free....

the brown box lids are made from an electrical panel someone gave me. i am especially fond of the writing on it  love that.  i fashioned the little handle by bending the metal ( i should know what that is called but i dont and i guess it isnt important).

i sure am having fun with these.  focusing on making more as well as more pendants for the howlidays.

my world

dear god it was cool today.  the first cool morning since april.  overcast.  perfect for a walk and a few photos.  i've been meaning to take a picture of this...down the street 2 blocks is the old jail.  it is now a lawyers office but this is still in the parking lot AND the upstairs still has bars on it.  is it a jail up there?
the best part...i was wanting more galvanized steel sheets and to the left of this i saw a big one.  i shall go there tomorrow and ask.  ....and i'm wondering, that reserved for jail cook sign looks too new to be old doesnt it?????

i dont know if you can see this, but above the door is the ten commandments.  i feel a small twist in my intestines when i see that.

oddly i see so many 'wrong' doors here.  they just are wrong. 

this is behind a house that isnt occupied.  a friend pointed this out to me, this odd childs plaything.  he loves it.  and i do too.

again...a block away.  to the right is restaurant where bovinal people eat.  the left has…

found object necklace

have i really been dabbling in making pendant type necklaces for a year?  i believe i have.  i havent made many.  under a dozen i believe.  there aren't that many objects i come across that i think would make a good necklace.  i've never been a jewelry wearer...until i started making my own necklaces.  i've kept a few and sold/am selling the rest in my etsy shop.  THIS one...i'm wearing right now.  i feel like i am impervious to life right now.  i'm serious.  i feel pretty pretty special just flitting around my house in my dress and orange necklace.  it took me a few days to come up with the perfect loop thing for the cord to run thru.  i had a big thing there but found when wearing it that it was too large and it didnt allow the necklace to sit flat.  so i had to cut that off and started looking around for what else i could use and realized the strands of copper wire i have would be perfect.  again...took me a few tries of ruining the copper to get this right.  i…

new functional goodies

a few newer pieces....loving making these containers/reliquary boxes/candle holders.  to see my latest boxes go here. to see my latest candle holders go here.  all other non-lidded storage containers are here.  i find these are perfect for holding usb sticks, ear buds, jewelry, personal thangs that you just dont want out there in the open.

still doing what i do

i feel like i just got thru some sort of heat marathon as the last four weeks as been one hot humid ordeal and i all but gave up working on art.  it was just too miserable outside to work and i just waited it out. it finally got cooler this weekend.  FINALLY.  so i spent all of saturday outside cutting pipes, working on this and that...humming along, doing what i do.  i changed it up a bit and made some flowers that do not have rebar stems.  these are slim and short, perfect for indoor vases as well as small garden areas.  i only have a handful of this 'stem' material so i will probably net about 30 or 40 flowers from it. 

new non rebar stemmed flowers

orange and green
and i've added some new candle holders to my paulaart etsy shop....a bright splash of PINK believe it or not.  it was a short pipe (both the white and pink) so i used half of it to make this first batch and will hold onto the rest for a bit as i find that it behooves me to not use up all of a pipe, …