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no pin point on the map

i been all over the map and not really heading in any particular direction.  i pooped out working for dan on that house a few weeks ago.  hot.  hot.  humid.  i felt like i was peeing down my legs with all the sweat coming off of me and i got completely flat on my back drained dead tired.  lost my appetite, wasnt drinking enough fluid...just kinda hard on me i guess so i faded away once again.  it frustrates me that when i go work for someone else doing something that i know i can't stand to do for too long i start selling art online and then come back to my world to make more art and then sales stop.  then i feel like i gotta go back out there and try again doing something that is usually hard on me mentally and physically and the cycle starts all over again. 

this summer i also jumped onto the pallet collecting/dismantling bandwagon.  i now have about 300 pieces of wood sitting here and i really want to start making little tables or shelves to sell but i'm feeling stuck abou…

semi drone

for anyone who wonders...i'm hopping back on the min wage work thing.  went back to the house remodel job and trying to make enough money to subsist while sales are slow during 'back to school' time.  its good.  i reckon.  its hard, its fucking hot.  i'm just trying to work with my self and being present and taking it one day at a time.