me he she and the dog

small eating table before we put the leg braces on

really who needs dog bones

work where ya can....

hard earned pallet pieces my new obsession
in the post below i showed you the coffee table that i made for myself. my first piece of pallet furniture.  i mentioned that it was a fast assemblage as i wanted to make something for myself and push past my fear of making pallet furniture. on sunday, so too did my friend wanna push thru. she wanted/needed a little eating table and by god she was gonna have one. 

the thing i do/dont like about making art in one felt swoop (i still call it that, its studio furniture if you must know) is that i myself never do as good of a job as when i take my time.  sometimes i guess its good to just do it but you will always make mistakes that probably would not have incurred had you thought about it and let it all gel slowly.  case in point this table.  she lives in a tiny space and we knew where the table would go but we werent thinking.  MY natural inclination was to make the table with the legs as you see them...but what neither one of us anticipated was the fact that if 2 people are sitting there eating the most space for their legs is now going where the least amount of table space is. you follow?  so while it looks great, functionally it really isnt so great cuz now if 2 people are there eating you wanna have the table long so your plates have room but the damn legs are on the wrong side of the table.  she doesnt seem to mind. i thought we should take it apart and redo it but she is fine with it. 

we had help too, we were taught how to make 'braces' for the legs and the pooch was there to entertain, which she did indeed do.

suffice to say i've been on a pallet scoopage binge.  suddenly i see pallets EVERYWHERE.  at a convenience store i saw a cool one and went inside and asked if i could have it. i was dressed horribly...dirty homeless holes/dirt/stains in my clothes.  he looked at me like i was insane so i said i was an artist.  then he said his wife takes them and makes things out of them and i gave him a sad look and said i get it.  then he looked at me again and said in a conspiratorial whisper, oh take em.  i was elated.

then my friend who works at a grocery store called and said she had a cool red spray painted one, and while the store usually sends those back,  it was okay for me to come take that one.  got a few more too.  i'm sore and exhausted from all the pallet disassembling.  its noisy and messy and very time consuming. i've yet to brush off and really clean the wood.  then i gotta store it somewhere in my loft.  i'm getting antsy as a whole SLEW of college kids are gonna be moving in next to me and its GOODBYE PARKING LOT WORK SPACE once again.  sigh

one pallet at a time...they barely fit, sometimes i get 2 in there



Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Paula, I need a coffee table, please...:-D

What fun! And which dog needs a bone when you have delicious pallet to chew on. Thumbs up to you, and I know you will make beautiful pieces.

Jo Murray said...

Well done!!! Looks like hard work to me.

Colleen Kole said...

Yup -work where ya can and when ya can.

love the red pallet. and the dog is good.

paula said...

yes...its hard work and today i'm once again getting rid of tons of old saved objects in order to make room for the new. its a shedding process if ya want new you have to get rid of old.

Carla Trujillo said...

The life of an artist nevers stops. I was on vacation still collecting junk off the ground!! The hubster just shakes his head and grabs a dog poo bag for me to put my found things in. Who says the poo bags are only for dog poo!

paula said...

carla thats funny and i get it!