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houston chronicle article about the phoenix commotion

just found out that last sunday the houston chronicle posted an article about dan phillips/phoenix commotion and the house they (and a little bit of me) remodeled.  unfortunately my scanner couldnt scan the whole article either vertically or horizontally so here are some photos of the piece:

they didnt post the beautiful windows that artist linda judge did for two of the bedrooms and one bathroom.  by the way her fan page is here.  go there and whine and tell her to post photos and info about her work will ya?

nor did they post the kick ass bedroom that neko did. (and unfortunately i can't find any photos of that right now).  here is her blog, she is writing a book about her experience as a home builder with the phoenix commotion.  dan has a book coming out too!  Dan's website and all about everything is there, check it out!  great crew to work with and i feel lucky i have had an opportunity to work with them all, and hopefully again!


Wow Paula!! How great is this!
AnitaNH said…
Congratulations Paula--all your hard work really paid off! So wonderful to get recognition. You deserve it!
Viktoria said…
Awesome! and for sure something you can be very proud of !!! congrats!
The parts I love best are the stained glass windows, and of course your bathroom! I really enjoyed reading this, is uplifting!
LouisestArt said…
Would love to visit this place it looks great! You can be proud Paula!
paula said…
thanks everyone ...its kinda cool kinda fun. lottsa talented people working for phoenix commotion fo sho
WOO HOO! It's all wonderful! Did your fabulous front stoop make it into the article?
paula said…
No....I think it had less to do with 'remodeling interior' with reclaimed materials? I am just happy the house got some recognition since people worked their asses off...most more than I did for sure
Colleen Kole said…
Exciting to have such a great organization recognized and your tile work included. Nice article.

Martha Marshall said…
The whole thing is stunning! Congratulations on being part of it.

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