been awhile since i recommended anything to watch.  this week i finally found a few interesting documentaries to watch.  the first being 'the woodmans'. i reckon i'm the only aritst who hasnt heard/seen Francesca's work.  i found it to be stunning photography not so much because of her subject matter, rather i totally enjoyed the symmetry of her body placement with walls and windows etc.  moreover, what i really enjoyed was listening to her mother speak about being an artist.  the documentary spends equal  if not more time chronicling Francesca's parent's life/work.

the next documentary is, pearl jam twenty.  artistically this speaks volumes about eddie vedder and his band.  even if you never enjoyed their music, if you have an iota of interest in how artists can grow and prevail, this is one to watch.  i found myself smiling, laughing....feeling frustration and pain and being inspired throughout.

lastly and oddly...'the workshop' other than art, i am usually working on my self.  my psyche.  my emotions and health as a human being. that entails the attempt at shedding years and layers of gunk foisted upon me by religion/society/school/family etc.  i have my hang ups and my fears and confusion/frustrations in and out of relationships.  always trying to free myself up.  my most recent obsession is to finally stop judging and controlling (or trying to control) anyone or anything.  to stop feeling guilt, jealousy, insecurity, panic, fear and frustration.  (i'm very busy lately haha)

anyhow, good documentary if you wanna observe others go thru stuff that might seem extreme.  not for everyone i'm sure, i found it a bit much a few times but it was fascinating and really had me thinking about letting go and letting others just BE.  my self included.

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