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metal and wood stuff

Upcycled Reliquary Boxes Made from discarded tube, aluminum fire hydrant labels and misc hardware.

been workin on these babies for a few weeks now.  finding the perfect handle for the lid took a long time as i wanted them to match and needed to use something i had a supply of.  luckily a few weeks ago i found these long hook type pieces of metal that i thought i would use for something akin to a coat rack.  i only have a handful of them so they are precious to me.  anyhow, this is the first batch of two (sold separately) i believe these are also going to be the tallest of the bunch @3.25".  it was a short tube and badly crushed in spots so i'm making a tallish vase from that part and have enough left to make about eight more of these.

also, i finally finished my first coat rack!  when i get the photos edited and etsy listing up i will make another post here or on my facebook fan page.  i seem to be in morph mode, trying to do different things and still learning (banging my he…

houston chronicle article about the phoenix commotion

just found out that last sunday the houston chronicle posted an article about dan phillips/phoenix commotion and the house they (and a little bit of me) remodeled.  unfortunately my scanner couldnt scan the whole article either vertically or horizontally so here are some photos of the piece:

they didnt post the beautiful windows that artist linda judge did for two of the bedrooms and one bathroom.  by the way her fan page is here.  go there and whine and tell her to post photos and info about her work will ya?

nor did they post the kick ass bedroom that neko did. (and unfortunately i can't find any photos of that right now).  here is her blog, she is writing a book about her experience as a home builder with the phoenix commotion.  dan has a book coming out too!  Dan's website and all about everything is there, check it out!  great crew to work with and i feel lucky i have had an opportunity to work with them all, and hopefully again!

tap and CRY

well this tap and die stuff is much more complicated than i imagined.  i went to the hardware store yesterday to get another bit for a different sized hole to drill and they said you want to use a small drill bit for whatever size tap you are making.  i realized that i had just guess with the last one.  i just grabbed a bit and drilled and it was okay but in hindsight it was very hard to turn the tap bit to make the threads and i always felt like i was going to just snap it in half.  so i googled it and this is what i found.  DOES ANYONE HONESTLY THINK I UNDERSTAND ANY OF THIS?  ps the hardware store people didnt know what size i needed. on the tap bit package it said use size F.  they only had sizes in numbers not the alphabet. 
Measure the overall diameter of the tap with the micrometer. In this particular instance, we want a drill bit for a ¼ - 20 tap. The ¼ is the diameter and the 20 is the thread pitch or threads per inch. The overall measurement of the taps diameter from the…


my first flower that has no epoxy.  it only took hours and hours. 2 days and lots of frustration. but god dammit i did it.  what makes this different than my other flowers (see post below) is that i used a newly learned tap and die technique whereby i drilled a hole into the rebar and then made threads into the hole to then screw the flower part into the stem thus making it modular.  the point of this is to save me a lot of time (when i get good at it) and money.  less dremel tool usage, less having to completely clean off the rust/grind it/score it.  so far the only frustrating part is the fact that i dont know what drill bit sizes i need/have and i only have 2 tap pieces that work for me (the rest are metric and i dont even wanna go there).  
the other frustrating thing is i work with found objects; i have and prefer to use, old nuts/bolts/screws.  so i have no idea if they are metric and what size they are. plus they need to be cleaned off in the thread area in order for them to s…

tap and die

oh thank you lawd....i learnt something and i think it will be useful.  thank you for the patience upon which they teacher had....fore i broke one of his tap pieces yesterday immediately after i was warned not to go to the end and as i turned the 't' wrench.  tell me not to do it and you know i will. 

anyhow.  tap and die.  brief wiki description:  Taps and dies are cutting tools used to create screw threads, which is called threading. A tap is used to cut the female portion of the mating pair (e.g., a nut). A die is used to cut the male portion of the mating pair (e.g., a screw). The process of cutting threads using a tap is called tapping, whereas the process using a die is called threading. Both tools can be used to clean up a thread, which is called chasing.

it is simple.  but not really. for me at least my learning curve uses up at least a tank of gas in most cases.  today i finally went out and bought 2 taps and did a test hole. i was scared i was going to break the tap…


been awhile since i recommended anything to watch.  this week i finally found a few interesting documentaries to watch.  the first being 'the woodmans'. i reckon i'm the only aritst who hasnt heard/seen Francesca's work.  i found it to be stunning photography not so much because of her subject matter, rather i totally enjoyed the symmetry of her body placement with walls and windows etc.  moreover, what i really enjoyed was listening to her mother speak about being an artist.  the documentary spends equal  if not more time chronicling Francesca's parent's life/work.

the next documentary is, pearl jam twenty.  artistically this speaks volumes about eddie vedder and his band.  even if you never enjoyed their music, if you have an iota of interest in how artists can grow and prevail, this is one to watch.  i found myself smiling, laughing....feeling frustration and pain and being inspired throughout.

lastly and oddly...'the workshop' other than art, i am …

me he she and the dog

in the post below i showed you the coffee table that i made for myself. my first piece of pallet furniture.  i mentioned that it was a fast assemblage as i wanted to make something for myself and push past my fear of making pallet furniture. on sunday, so too did my friend wanna push thru. she wanted/needed a little eating table and by god she was gonna have one. 

the thing i do/dont like about making art in one felt swoop (i still call it that, its studio furniture if you must know) is that i myself never do as good of a job as when i take my time.  sometimes i guess its good to just do it but you will always make mistakes that probably would not have incurred had you thought about it and let it all gel slowly.  case in point this table.  she lives in a tiny space and we knew where the table would go but we werent thinking.  MY natural inclination was to make the table with the legs as you see them...but what neither one of us anticipated was the fact that if 2 people are sitting th…