orange mode and life

new vases and utensil containers from cool orange pink pipe

 so i've had a few weeks now to myself since that house remodel is complete.  now the phoenix commotion has another remodel bid that just got accepted, the house directly behind the one we just did.  guess i'm gonna partake in this
job too.  they (dan...phoenix commotion peeps) are gonna be busy this summer as a house and a house/studio are also going to get built...ground will be broken and construction begins sooner than later!

i think the remodel job is more my speed as i still dont see myself as doing the hard heavy labor of building from the ground up.  maybe 10 years ago. or maybe if it were my own place. maybe i'm just not wanting to put my body through more pain than it already gets put through.  maybe i'm just lazy or too self absorbed with my own art, probably the latter. 

having said that.  i've been in my studio reorganizing and going thru what i have hoarded away in boxes and pushing myself to make some new work.  i still like the functional aspect of my art, especially of found scrap/crap/junk.  i still like doing as little as possible to the objects i find, the focus being make it useful.  giving it a 2nd life and purpose. matching it up with other found objects ~ cleaning it up, removing all the sharp edges, adding rust converter and or varnish to keep the patina from rubbing off or damaging walls and furniture....it's sometimes more work than you would think.  other times not.  sometimes i mess a piece up by over covering it and losing all of the nuances.  i treat each piece like a gem.  its precious to me.

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ArtPropelled said...

I know you would rather stay at home and do your own art but I have to admit i get quite a kick out of "watching" you work on the houses. You keep on surprising me with what you do.

steinschmuckdesign said...

Love your new Vases Paula and you already know I am a Fan of your Fowers!

Anonymous said...

Do you ever get tired of being amazing? I mean really...you must be exhausted. :-)

paula said...

thanks robyn. i'm here to entertain ;)
thanks michele heart heart