messed up in a good way

i asked a recent etsy customer if she minded if i shared what she wrote to me in a card that i got from her ~ specifically a bit about her explaining what she meant by seeing some really messed up stuff in my shop.  she had purchased a vase from me earlier in the year ~ last week i got an etsy convo from her saying i had some really messed up stuff in my shop and then she said ' in a good way'. so, her answer was: "Sure, you can put it on your blog.  Never knew I had a soft spot in my Art Heart for crumpled up metal til I saw your things."

when i got my check from her in the mail she wrote this in the card:

"messed up"

a beautiful mangling of one object:  the artistic distressing of an object which renders it utterly Cool; possessing a unique patina due to everyday wear:  the opposite of perfection: an object so used that is has achieved grace.

yeah its a good thing.



Anonymous said...

LOVE IT! Sounds applicable to people too. :-)

Helen-S said...

That is a great definition! And I love the idea of applying it to people too... something to aim for perhaps?

Viktoria said...

yeah, its a good thing!

deborah from collagewhirl said...

sure is! :)

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

What a wonderful compliment. Your work does have a visceral quality, and understated elegance of being.

Patrice said...

Isn't it gratifying to know someone (outside of artist peers)gets it?

(Makes me want a peek at what she saw...)