it glows

i only had a tea candle to put in this to show the effect of the holes/screen

wow time is flying and i can't seem to keep caught up.  i took last friday off from the house thing and today i'm taking off....maybe even a few more days.  its hard work, i knew it would be and its really hot now.  the crew is going in earlier now..like 6am.  i've been a night person for weeks....i'm hoping there is work i can go do later in the day or early evening when electricity is running thru the place. its a big job and i need supervision and help so who knows, i can only try and do what i can.  its good/bad for my ego.  always lessons to learn.

in my own art world, i've been trying to replenish the candle holders that have been selling in my etsy shop with a renewed vigor.  a friend gave me a killer cool pipe that has square holes in it with a brass screen over it and the candles when lit glow thru it.  gonna put some up in my shop soon, here is a preview:

one side has this vertical silverish melt look to it on the screen
and here are some 'normal' ones hot off the press


andrea said...

They look like beehives.

paula said...

i know. they also totally make me wanna confess my sins into them

ArtPropelled said...

Hot off the press.... warm and welcoming new designs. Totally in love with your hornet stripes!

paula said...

thanks robyn!

Cynthia said...

I LOVE those!