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i just made myself swoon

reclaimed tube/found aluminum labels.  reliquary boxes

too much fun is what these are.  TOO MUCH FUN.  i have had this shortish tube for awhile, it was plain and yet bold.  i couldnt decide if i wanted to make a vase out of it or what.  then i had a stroke of inspiration with some found aluminum bands i got at the scrap bin...i was gonna make something else out of them but that wasnt going so well and there they sat.  one already cut up.  suddenly i put 2 and 2 together and realized they were the perfect size for the tube as lids. 

i went the extra mile on the inside/underside of the lids by cutting bolts up into little bits and smoothing them to use as stoppers so the lid doesnt slide off.  i also cut little hex screw tops off and used those on a couple of them.  and as usual, the bottoms are reclaimed aluminum from the local seamless gutter guy.  i love these things, they are heavy duty industrial yet have an austerity to them that pleases me greatly.

i'm thinking i might try to sell these as a set instead of breaking them up.  they belong together.  they are pretty unique if you ask me.  i only have a few more aluminum bands left and might use them on some little green utensil holders i recently listed on etsy.    its been fun over rain, no work yet for dan and its all about me and what i can lug home from the scrap yard!


Viktoria said…
you make me swoon too Paula....and for sure some more fans!
They are gorgeous!
...let's have a swoon party--I'm in! You always surprise me with how you take atypical things and make things of beauty...!
Hi, Paula. Your recycling/upcycling is gorgeous. You're right, these boxes should be a set. Your flowers and vases are just as delightful as ever and I really liked your mosaicked porch. Marvelous idea, the use of bullets in the star.
best, nadia
paula said…
a swoon party! :) its fun to share with people that enjoy, thank you for your comments. and thanks for looking at my flowers and texas bullet shell star nadia!
Anonymous said…
Am I late to the swoon party? I love them! Gorgeous! Great job as usual, Paula.
Kimberly said…
You're having a swoon party, can I come?
yes leave those as a set. Sounds like you're on a roll with new supplies and some fresh designs to go with them.
ArtPropelled said…
..... and I swooned when I saw the thumbnail photo in my sidebar. Just wonderful Paula!! The type/print adds another dimension to your work.
paula said…
all are invited and welcome to come swoon with me any time :O
i love knowing i'm not alone in swoonville.
Kim Hambric said…
paula said…
thanks kim :)

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