hot sweaty and hard, but worth it

yesterday my artist/friend went to the scrap yards with me.  one is small and in town while the other farther away and largish.  i dont normally drive to the other one, truth be told going there alone isnt so much fun.  stressful too because i have to lug everything back to the weigh station since its larger and i cant drive thru it. what i didnt know is, they dont even let joe public in there.  dint know that.  so the guy was letting me in cuz i was an artist.  so we are there poking around and i notice its a busy day for them with large machines hauling and lifting scrap.  i knew to stay away from that and just stick to the little area we were in.  'bout 5 minutes into our search sure enough a truck toots its horn and the guy gets out and tells us we can't be out here doin that.  he dont know i have permission.  bleh. fuck. god its hot....come on man. so we walk over to their office and i say so and so says i CAN and i DO so whats up?  then we are treated like typical stupid women.  of course i had to say I'M NOT STUPID i'm not going to be around your machines.  in fact i'm happy to leave and come back when there isnt anything going on.  nope. boss man says ya can't.  well ya know what? that other guy says i CAN.  i wasnt going to leave until someone heard me.  finally i pulled the king of hearts card and dropped a name of someone they know and respect.....that got a little ahhhhh.  i hate doing that but shit, this is my livelihood and if i have to drop names i will.

so. when is a good time for me to come by and be out of your way?  sat at 12:30 he says.  what time do ya'll close i say.  1:00  he says.  okay.  fuck me okay i will do a speedie magreedy scrap run in 30 minutes in the middle of the god damn hot summer.

i wasnt satisfied.  i had to go find the guy who is nice to me and lets me rummage. (hell he even helps me get stuff i can't pull out of the heap).  he wasnt in his usual place and i cringed asking someone else to find him. patience runs thin in these types of places.  they aint there to supply an artist with goods...they dont make a dime off of me in the scheme of things. i am a nuisance.  a pesky little gnat.  

so he locates someone who knows where my 'friend' is. he is like the guard dog and wants to know what do i want.  I WANT TO HIT YOU HARD THATS WHAT I WANT.  uh...i mean i'm looking for so and so so i can get permission to find scrap and eek out my pitiful existence.  uh..i mean....i have a gift for him.  yeah.  thats it.  i DO cuz i brought him a choice of 2 art things since he gave me some cool stuff the last 2 times i was there.

he points...points into some bushes and a fence that has an opening under it.  okay.  make it quick he says.  he is busy.


i mean thank you

so we crawl thru brush and i'm hoping i dont get bugs and poison ivy on me.
i start calling out his name in a desperate plea....i'm starting to wear thin of this and feeling anxious.  finally we find him waist high in a hole he is digging.  i've never seen someone work so hard and be so damn happy.

i babble.  he says nope. general public aint allowed here but i let you in cuz your COOL.

lemme crawl into that hole and kiss your feet.

i mean.  THANK YOU.
he picks his gift.  i tell him what they said about sat at 12:30 and he says well, saturday at 12:30 it is then.


off to the other scrap yard.  mellow. nice. practically hug us hello.
help us lug everything to the scale.  laugh. talk.  thank you :)

i found this:
its on its back right now.  showing you the little area i wanna make into a shelf that i will put my computer on when not using it.  i will make legs and wahla  i will have a kick ass coffee table.  my friend and i had to stand/jump bend grunt and groan to bend that thin green metal part and the stick out white parts...they were crushed bent and needed straightening.  LIFE IS GOOD WHEN YOU HAVE HELP!

my next thing is i want us to have a place to work and gather.  she is such a talented artist/person.  we barely had room here yesterday working on my little porch.  someone gave us pallets and we were removing the nails, she was working on a table and i was trying to manage bringing her tools/parts/watching her baby and getting something done for me as well.  busy and fun but very frustrating.


Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Hey, Paula, your story sounds frustrating and good at the same time. It made me laugh!

Nellie's Needles said...

... and life goes on

...where there's a will, there's a way

...perseverance pays off

Those sayings are trite, but so true.

paula said...