gear box lids

gear + nut on galvanized metal
reliquary box
gear and bolt on galvanized metal
reliquary box
gear and cut off nail head
reliquary box
earthy lookin storage container from cut pipe

more new ones!  i'm having a blast making these lids for my reliquary boxes.  i think i have a few more gears left but then thats it til i find more.  i still have one or two longish blue pipes left so i can keep making these larger pieces (in comparison to the usual pipes which are a few inches less in diameter)

i'm starting to run out of fun pipes and so far not finding any lately at the scrap yard.  that means time to make something else in the meantime.  i'm looking into wall coat racks, hanging devices for bags, jewelry etc.  been diggin thru my stock of vermont boxes and having new epiphanies about what i can make out of this stuff i've been holding onto for 4+ years.  i always kind of panic that i'll never find anymore cool stuff like i did when i lived in vermont, i guess until i find some friendly farmers around here i'm stuck going to the same little scrap yard.

it's all good. it is a constant reminder to enjoy what i have now.  and to trust that new stuff will keep popping up and i will not be scrapless.


Dawn of LaTouchables said...

They are beautiful in their detail, but it's the contrasting slick inside walls, so beautifully finished off, that make it stunning to own one of these. I'd put my most beloved jewelry in one of these...

Lisa Fulton said...

These boxes, especially the lids, are incredibly creative and appealing. I love it how your stuff straddles the worlds of craft and of art.

paula said...

dawn i am so touched, thank you. and lisa...i love how you put that! :) straddling the world of craft and of art. thank you!