day one for moi

living area that is gonna get changed into a 3rd bedroom
that front door will get moved to side of house and this area will be a bedroom

removing the paint by hand

three of us working on the floor

why do people paint floors when this beautiful wood is there?
alright. day one. i'm doing it. or at least trying.  only made it about 4.5 hours today.  it was cooler than i would have thought, thankfully we had rain today and it has been considerably cooler than the other 2 summers i've lived here.  no ac, no running water (yet)...very humid and it dont take long to be drenched and dirty.  i like it. kinda. 

neko is in charge of this job with dan overseeing it.  today she walked me thru the house and explained the plans for this 2 bedroom 1 bath house.  it doesnt look horrible inside like i was thinking it would.  i'm sure the attic is nasty with stuff....and there is a pervasive stench of mold throughout the house.  there is asbestos siding on the backside of the house.  lots of rotten wood window frames etc.  bathroom is nasty.  floors in the other room have hideous faux something on them.  popcorn ceiling which i found out is not up to code or whatever anymore so that has to be scraped off.   

the plan is to divide the living room up and create a 3rd bedroom.  there is a hall bathroom with bath/shower.  the biggest bedroom has no bathroom so they are gonna turn a small concrete floored laundry room into the bathroom.  the plan is to raise the floor a foot and put the plumbing in there [since its concrete and you can't really be blasting thru that for bath plumbing]....that made my brain ache when i heard that.  thats some out of the box thinking.  stunning isnt it? 

the kitchen has limited cabinet space so that will have to be built.  a wrap around kind of porch ~ a new front entrance/drive area is gonna be built.  neko was removing the 510, 520? 5- something boards on the lower parts of the outside of the house to check for termites.  and alas there is termite damage; she was explaining how you jack up the house and get a sawzall to cut out the rotted wood.  explaining to me how you jack up a house.  (the house jacks are sitting in the house as we will have to do that)

what i love about this is...there is no real pressure.  i've been told if i want to wait for the more 'creative' parts i can.  no one is making me feel like a wimp if i dont or can't work all day or do lots of heavy things.  just removing that paint on the floor has some old massage injury pains flared up.  i need to tell myself its more mind over matter.  i have a desire to learn, how much who knows.  i have a desire to keep working with good peeps and divide my time up between that and my own art.  this job is supposed to last until december so if i wanna i have plenty of work to do! 


Anonymous said...

OMG...that drives me mad too...why would people cover perfectly beautiful wood floors? I mean plywood I can understand, but those floors? It should be a crime. Great job on them.

Nellie's Needles said...

Whew! What a LOT of work! I look forward to seeing the progress of turning this house into wonderful and creative living spaces.

Colleen Kole said...

Painted hardwood floors-ugh-they will be beautiful with it all gone. Lots of work but good to be able to divide your time and have something steady.

ArtPropelled said...

The thought of those beautiful wooden floors being painted ... ugh! Knowing you have work through to December must be comforting. My eyes are drawn to the metal piece near the front door. What is it?

paula said...

yes robyn, its good to know! and good eye...but it is wood and its up for grabs and i might take it. i dont know what it is.....