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if i can do it so can you

well i have always wanted to make pallet stuff but never could bring myself to get some.  lazy?  fear of toxic stuff? self doubt about wobbly things being created?

yesterday, wait.  nope...two days ago, i was at the job site NOT WORKING but hanging out. yes, i didnt work 1 hour this week, not one.  the pressure i felt to do things i dont wanna do in horrible heat was lifted and i get that they get it about what i can and can't, will and wont do.  what a relief.  i even tried to help but it was obvious i wasnt needed.  wound my ego?  nope :)

anyhow. while i was there someone dropped by that we all know who works for the city and they were off to dump some pallets.  he knows i will take just about anything and my friend cassy was with me and we both wanted them. she got a beauty with really thick pieces of wood that i believe will be turned into a shoe rack.  i took the others.  next part i dreaded: removing the wood.  in order to get them into my car i decided to do it right then …

hot sweaty and hard, but worth it

yesterday my artist/friend went to the scrap yards with me.  one is small and in town while the other farther away and largish.  i dont normally drive to the other one, truth be told going there alone isnt so much fun.  stressful too because i have to lug everything back to the weigh station since its larger and i cant drive thru it. what i didnt know is, they dont even let joe public in there.  dint know that.  so the guy was letting me in cuz i was an artist.  so we are there poking around and i notice its a busy day for them with large machines hauling and lifting scrap.  i knew to stay away from that and just stick to the little area we were in.  'bout 5 minutes into our search sure enough a truck toots its horn and the guy gets out and tells us we can't be out here doin that.  he dont know i have permission.  bleh. fuck. god its hot....come on man. so we walk over to their office and i say so and so says i CAN and i DO so whats up?  then we are treated like typical stupid…

it glows

wow time is flying and i can't seem to keep caught up.  i took last friday off from the house thing and today i'm taking off....maybe even a few more days.  its hard work, i knew it would be and its really hot now.  the crew is going in earlier 6am.  i've been a night person for weeks....i'm hoping there is work i can go do later in the day or early evening when electricity is running thru the place. its a big job and i need supervision and help so who knows, i can only try and do what i can.  its good/bad for my ego.  always lessons to learn.

in my own art world, i've been trying to replenish the candle holders that have been selling in my etsy shop with a renewed vigor.  a friend gave me a killer cool pipe that has square holes in it with a brass screen over it and the candles when lit glow thru it.  gonna put some up in my shop soon, here is a preview:

and here are some 'normal' ones hot off the press

day one for moi

alright. day one. i'm doing it. or at least trying.  only made it about 4.5 hours today.  it was cooler than i would have thought, thankfully we had rain today and it has been considerably cooler than the other 2 summers i've lived here.  no ac, no running water (yet)...very humid and it dont take long to be drenched and dirty.  i like it. kinda. 

neko is in charge of this job with dan overseeing it.  today she walked me thru the house and explained the plans for this 2 bedroom 1 bath house.  it doesnt look horrible inside like i was thinking it would.  i'm sure the attic is nasty with stuff....and there is a pervasive stench of mold throughout the house.  there is asbestos siding on the backside of the house.  lots of rotten wood window frames etc.  bathroom is nasty.  floors in the other room have hideous faux something on them.  popcorn ceiling which i found out is not up to code or whatever anymore so that has to be scraped off.   

the plan is to divide the living ro…

orange mode and life

so i've had a few weeks now to myself since that house remodel is complete.  now the phoenix commotion has another remodel bid that just got accepted, the house directly behind the one we just did.  guess i'm gonna partake in this
job too.  they (dan...phoenix commotion peeps) are gonna be busy this summer as a house and a house/studio are also going to get built...ground will be broken and construction begins sooner than later!

i think the remodel job is more my speed as i still dont see myself as doing the hard heavy labor of building from the ground up.  maybe 10 years ago. or maybe if it were my own place. maybe i'm just not wanting to put my body through more pain than it already gets put through.  maybe i'm just lazy or too self absorbed with my own art, probably the latter. 

having said that.  i've been in my studio reorganizing and going thru what i have hoarded away in boxes and pushing myself to make some new work.  i still like the functional aspect o…

messed up in a good way

i asked a recent etsy customer if she minded if i shared what she wrote to me in a card that i got from her ~ specifically a bit about her explaining what she meant by seeing some really messed up stuff in my shop.  she had purchased a vase from me earlier in the year ~ last week i got an etsy convo from her saying i had some really messed up stuff in my shop and then she said ' in a good way'. so, her answer was: "Sure, you can put it on your blog.  Never knew I had a soft spot in my Art Heart for crumpled up metal til I saw your things."

when i got my check from her in the mail she wrote this in the card:

"messed up"

a beautiful mangling of one object:  the artistic distressing of an object which renders it utterly Cool; possessing a unique patina due to everyday wear:  the opposite of perfection: an object so used that is has achieved grace.

yeah its a good thing.

gear box lids

more new ones!  i'm having a blast making these lids for my reliquary boxes.  i think i have a few more gears left but then thats it til i find more.  i still have one or two longish blue pipes left so i can keep making these larger pieces (in comparison to the usual pipes which are a few inches less in diameter)

i'm starting to run out of fun pipes and so far not finding any lately at the scrap yard.  that means time to make something else in the meantime.  i'm looking into wall coat racks, hanging devices for bags, jewelry etc.  been diggin thru my stock of vermont boxes and having new epiphanies about what i can make out of this stuff i've been holding onto for 4+ years.  i always kind of panic that i'll never find anymore cool stuff like i did when i lived in vermont, i guess until i find some friendly farmers around here i'm stuck going to the same little scrap yard.

it's all good. it is a constant reminder to enjoy what i have now.  and to trust that…

i just made myself swoon

too much fun is what these are.  TOO MUCH FUN.  i have had this shortish tube for awhile, it was plain and yet bold.  i couldnt decide if i wanted to make a vase out of it or what.  then i had a stroke of inspiration with some found aluminum bands i got at the scrap bin...i was gonna make something else out of them but that wasnt going so well and there they sat.  one already cut up.  suddenly i put 2 and 2 together and realized they were the perfect size for the tube as lids. 

i went the extra mile on the inside/underside of the lids by cutting bolts up into little bits and smoothing them to use as stoppers so the lid doesnt slide off.  i also cut little hex screw tops off and used those on a couple of them.  and as usual, the bottoms are reclaimed aluminum from the local seamless gutter guy.  i love these things, they are heavy duty industrial yet have an austerity to them that pleases me greatly.

i'm thinking i might try to sell these as a set instead of breaking them up.  the…