the sicilian and the caterpillar

found barrel lid, spring, rebar and red thing
the sicilian

 i couldnt help myself. i know my dimensions are off...i know this table is ridiculous but i wanted it and by golly i got it.  i call it the sicilian because it reminds me of an italian pizza.  no sauce.  a white pizza.  the coil is springy so i had a piece of rebar welded to it.  i paid a friend to weld it for me.
its huge and silly and springy but stable.  i've yet to grind down the rough edges, clean and varnish it but i couldnt wait to take pictures and share!

found object and flowers

and i call this the caterpillar cuz.  pretty fragile grimy piece of metal.  i wasnt even sure i could get a proper bottom put on it as it is so thin, but i did and its done!  this isnt able to hold water because it seeps thru the layers of metal.  it is lightweight and yet manages to hold a handful of my rebar flowers if'n you wanna.


Rebeca Trevino said...

HA! HA! sicilian! very kool! that's exactly what it looks like. a cheese pizza - no sauce.

i love your imagination. you work makes me smile. keep doin' it!

Kimberly said...

Great stuff, Paula. Love the Sicilian. Took a walk thru our junkyard today. I think we're going to haul back a truck door next trip for yard decoration

ArtPropelled said...

Oh that quirky caterpillar is perfect for your flowers and I love your Sicilian table :-) Even the underside is pretty cool.

paula said...

thank you!!