road turtles and lug nut covers

perfect specimen

yesterday afternoon as i was driving home from doing my favorite thing [sarcasm....i was grouting the star see 2 posts down] i saw some friends and did what i do.  i let my car go where it wanted.  i say this because that is how i usually find good things like the lug nut covers in the photo above.  when i circled around a few blocks to go chat for a minute i was now pointed in a different direction/route and i soon found the above bevy of PERFECT lug nut covers as i was driving home.  obviously there had been a mishap with a vehicle because this was in the road and off to the side were the lug nut covers...all scattered about.  i was besides myself. i'm fairly certain i was exclaiming out loud about them to myself.  PERFECT they are just perfect!  to date out of all the texas lug nut covers that i have found on the roads, these are the best yet.  unsquashed and as you can see 2 of them are still in the thingamajig.  good grief i can't think today i dont even know what to call that chevrolet object.  help my brain isnt working!

 anyhow.  what do i do with these?  well today date i have used them in a handful of found object flowers.  here one is paired with a raised pavement marker. according to wikipedia:  Some other names for specific types of raised pavement markers include Botts' dots, delineators, cat's eyes, road studs, or road turtles. Sometimes they are simply referred to as reflectors.  when i find them since they are always crushed i have to put them in a vice for a few days  to open them back up.  then i shove a cut wine cork in there that i drill a hole into for the rebar stem to slide thru.  i wont have to struggle with these new ones, of course now i dont want to USE them because they are so perfect!!!


deborah from collagewhirl said...

Very nice! I do the same thing, not wanting to use a lot of my finds that are really cool as is. xoxo Deborah

Karen Christensen said...

I just love my mental image of you finding these treasures! ;)