new flowers!

i get so excited when i make something new and take pictures of it that are different than my usual.  i get bored easily if you havent noticed.  anyhow. had a flurry of sales lately and my 3 pages of flowers dwindled to barely 1.  hadda fill the shop back up.  you can see them all here.

new vases and kitchen utensil holder

 my paulaart shop gots some too work too, i've been working on this stuff slowly for weeks when i have the time/energy between the tile work i have been doing. 

new vase and flowers

wednesday i'm taking a table idea to a welder and see if i can't get a really funky table made.  itching to make furniture again if not for the fact i need a few tables!


Gail Baar said...

I love all these Paula!

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Your enthusium is infecting me as I read...and the photos are wonderful!