new flowers

found auto part and misc objects

if you squeeze that black rubber thing air comes out :)

road reflector flower/snapple lid and other goodies

funnest picture ever

little faucet flower

whirly flower

someone said this was a tool to remove paint....er was once

new flowers all sold before i even got them uploaded to etsy ....busy week for me personally with art sales and i've been slacking off not working so much for dan right now. seems the house stuff is almost done and i'm sure its nice not to have me there fucking everything up.  the star is done, need to take pictures.  guess i'll git in there this morning and see what if anything there is for me to flounder with.


Who you callin' housewife? said...

Busy Bee!!! Awesome flowers. I really wish they could talk.

And great photography, as usual.

Lisa D. said...

Love these flowers, especially the whirly one : )

Glad you got sales coming in : )

Have a great weekend

Tod said...


Viktoria said...

cool flowers, and the photos are stunning!

Kimberly said...

Up yer nose with a rubber hose! These pictures are fantastic, Paula. You really have got it down now with featuring your pieces. I think you could make cards from some of these. Oh yes and the pieces themselves have a lot of energy in them. Some of my favorites.
Just drove past your rust farm today and thought of you.
xoxo Kim

paula said...

your comments are fun....its a fun post. finally. FUN ...whr whir whrrrrrrleeeeeee