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found object reliquary box
this one has a gas valve for the lid
auto ring added to this one
more stuff...only have the top photo uploaded to my etsy shop. here. also busy making flowers...more this and that.  my time is mine once again as i'm done working for phoenix commotion at the moment and no plans in the near future to as its kinda out of my abilities or desire right now to be in poison ivy, hot humid summer, digging holes and actually building the next house for the next person (they are an artist so i wont be needed for artsy fartsy stuff).  i realize it isnt what i wanna do unless its for my own home and even then i'm not sure i really want/need to be doing all of that. who knows.


Glad we're gonna be seeing more of your creations, then!
The reliquary boxes have always caught my eye...but I love them all, the containers and things...

I wouldn't want to do all that hard labour either, unless I were getting well-paid.
Carla Trujillo said…
Love the vases I bought from you a while back and I'm need of more. They are really great and solid! They never tip over and that is a plus in my book!!!
Keep up the good work and I'm very intrigued with your boxes!
paula said…
glad you guys still visit and comment it means much!
Anonymous said…
Love the reliquary box!

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