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more stuff...only have the top photo uploaded to my etsy shop. here. also busy making flowers...more this and that.  my time is mine once again as i'm done working for phoenix commotion at the moment and no plans in the near future to as its kinda out of my abilities or desire right now to be in poison ivy, hot humid summer, digging holes and actually building the next house for the next person (they are an artist so i wont be needed for artsy fartsy stuff).  i realize it isnt what i wanna do unless its for my own home and even then i'm not sure i really want/need to be doing all of that. who knows.

the sicilian and the caterpillar

i couldnt help myself. i know my dimensions are off...i know this table is ridiculous but i wanted it and by golly i got it.  i call it the sicilian because it reminds me of an italian pizza.  no sauce.  a white pizza.  the coil is springy so i had a piece of rebar welded to it.  i paid a friend to weld it for me.
its huge and silly and springy but stable.  i've yet to grind down the rough edges, clean and varnish it but i couldnt wait to take pictures and share!

and i call this the caterpillar cuz.  pretty fragile grimy piece of metal.  i wasnt even sure i could get a proper bottom put on it as it is so thin, but i did and its done!  this isnt able to hold water because it seeps thru the layers of metal.  it is lightweight and yet manages to hold a handful of my rebar flowers if'n you wanna.


i get so excited when i make something new and take pictures of it that are different than my usual.  i get bored easily if you havent noticed.  anyhow. had a flurry of sales lately and my 3 pages of flowers dwindled to barely 1.  hadda fill the shop back up.  you can see them all here.

 my paulaart shop gots some too work too, i've been working on this stuff slowly for weeks when i have the time/energy between the tile work i have been doing. 

wednesday i'm taking a table idea to a welder and see if i can't get a really funky table made.  itching to make furniture again if not for the fact i need a few tables!


so finally took proper pictures of the finished entrance that i did for the phoenix commotion.  when you are standing in the doorway looking out and the sun is shining...the bullets get all blinding, its a cool effect i hadnt anticipated.  the colors are off a bit not quite so dog doo doo brown as is shown in photos.  its subtle.  the grout was gray cuz dan said that is the best for uv protection.  you know me, i would have preferred more pop (another bullet shell pun, it never ends i'm finding).  
anyhow. believe it or not. i am happy with this.  more so than the shower.  you can see all the photos of the entrance work here.
seems there is about 2 weeks left, plumbing and attic insulation as well as the tedious little things.  not sure how much more i will be doing on this job.  i feel way way way behind on my own life/art.  i'm gonna give it a try to keep working with dan/phoenix commotion as it'll be time to start working on a few houses from the ground up.  hard dirty…

new flowers

new flowers all sold before i even got them uploaded to etsy ....busy week for me personally with art sales and i've been slacking off not working so much for dan right now. seems the house stuff is almost done and i'm sure its nice not to have me there fucking everything up.  the star is done, need to take pictures.  guess i'll git in there this morning and see what if anything there is for me to flounder with.

road turtles and lug nut covers

yesterday afternoon as i was driving home from doing my favorite thing [sarcasm....i was grouting the star see 2 posts down] i saw some friends and did what i do.  i let my car go where it wanted.  i say this because that is how i usually find good things like the lug nut covers in the photo above.  when i circled around a few blocks to go chat for a minute i was now pointed in a different direction/route and i soon found the above bevy of PERFECT lug nut covers as i was driving home.  obviously there had been a mishap with a vehicle because this was in the road and off to the side were the lug nut covers...all scattered about.  i was besides myself. i'm fairly certain i was exclaiming out loud about them to myself.  PERFECT they are just perfect!  to date out of all the texas lug nut covers that i have found on the roads, these are the best yet.  unsquashed and as you can see 2 of them are still in the thingamajig.  good grief i can't think today i dont even know what to cal…


i sure wish i knew what i was doing.  or i wish i knew what i wanted to do.  this has been a strange year.  okay, a strange life.  i should be used to it, i'm not. i keep thinking soon, maybe....if the stars align i might have a passion and a for sureness slap me silly. 

i like living in the center of things here,  its easy to get my scrap, my recycled shipping materials, my tiny interaction with humanity as i work on my porch/parking lot.  i dont like that its noisy and hard to rest here.  living in a loft where i can work on art and have all my supplies and tools around is so good but its not good to keep working outside.  i likes concrete floors and industrial photo opportunities right outside my door for my etsy shops. i dont likes being victim to the weather when it comes to if i can work on art or not.

this whole possible house building thing seems impossible. and i'm not thrilled with the area where the lots are available to build on.  all it takes of course is me hea…

mosaic 2 almost done

i tell you what, i have more respect for those artists on that work of art show, cuz i had a few days to think about this and have had 9 days so far to work on it and honestly it isnt spectacular.  its cool...but the more i see it near completion the more i see what i would do if i had the time to think about it and play with it.   one of the other phoenix commotion peeps from last year did a star for one of their projects which i saw just last night on flickr.  check it out here, and notice they made it such that it looks more 3-D.  its very cool.  now if i had time and could sit there at the scrap yard and divvy up silver vs gold.....maybe i could have played around with that.  or maybe in the center i could have done more of a spiral or something.  i didnt.  and now what i see is a chinese checker board when i look at this. i see someone who doesnt really understand mosaic.  its simple.  flat.  bleh. 

maybe no one likes what they do when the pressure is on.  i dont feel that way a…