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Dandelion Yellow Metal Art Vase, Industrial Decor - Wet, Dry Flower Vase
dandelion yellow vase

made a few new vases a couple weeks ago, i just now got around to taking photos and adding a few of them.  still a white and pink one to add but for now i have this yellow one and a cool crushed one listed.

Rust Crush

still working on that shower...well the floor is now what is left to grout and then seal both the shower and floor.  been trying to enjoy some of this soon to end amazing weather before it gets too hot/humid.  hoping i have some time to do some big scrap yarding and just walking around.  i miss that....this job i'm doing still has me zapped and not capable of much by the end of the day.

here is the pink and white vase yet to be listed, i think they are all big bold and beautiful!


Lisa D. said…
These look great Paula! and happy to hear your tile job is nearing the end.

Have a good day
Anonymous said…
Love the vases, Paula! Glad the bathroom job is drawing to an end. Hang in there!
sarala said…
The top photo is wonderful just as a photograph. I love the coordination of the wall, vase and flowers.
ArtPropelled said…
Love the pink vase! Glad you will be able to get back to your own work soon, Paula. Being away from it will make getting back to it all the sweeter.
Viktoria said…
Looking forward to seeing the finished shower!
The vases really are beautiful! love the photos!
paula said…
finishing the bathroom doesnt mean the job is done, i'm there til the house is done :O
i love these vases too, glad you guys dig em!
Colleen Kole said…
something else beautiful to look at! The vases just never stop looking good, do they?

I keep thinking your shower is as much work as an intricate quilt.
paula said…
i've thought that especially on the floor :) you KNOW i was thinking of your quilters when i did that floor right?

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