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texas bullet shell star in the making

figuring out where it all goes

texas star in the center that dan mapped out for me since i knew i would screw it up

the strips around the star are in blocks of different subtle, colors

so this is what i will be finishing up this week.  yesterday i started laying the tile (using the thinset).  it takes me about an hour to do a section of a few feet.  since the tiles are so uneven (some are thin some are thick) you have to lay the thinset thick enough that the thinner tiles sit up higher so when you squish it all and press another tile over them to push them down they are as flush as possible.  then i take my handy flat head screwdriver and spend a lot of time just removing the extra thinset that starts squishing out.  then more pressing adjusting etc.  i'm slow at this and spent the better part of yesterday doing that and will have a ways to go.  i havent even begun to deal with the center yet.

thankfully someone helped and did the bulk of the bullet shell cutting.  that was my least favorite part.  about 600 shells or more will be needed, possibly 800.  i have a cool centerpiece money clip i want to put in the center that i got at the scrap yard.  i'm thinking it will be a few more days before all this gets going.  rain is predicted today and i'm not sure what i can do.  OH YEAH i have that shower to seal.............guh.......

here is the flickr set of the porch work if you want to see a few more pics.


Whew! What a lot of work! It will be a most impressive entrance ... especially when the sun hits the metal of the star!
paula said…
your right! never thought about that. will be cool!
AnitaNH said…
Love the star, Paula. What an amazing project!
Colleen Kole said…
I am amazed at this whole project. I love the star and Nellie's right-the light will add another dimension to the star.
paula said…
thank you :) i'm amazed too

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