my crosses to bear

believe it or not this is all i have done.  yesterday i went in and put the first little cross up and then the 2nd....the vibration of the drill proved to be too much (the drill bit was bad and it was a chore to do) so the first little cross just tumbled right off of the hardieboard and broke into several pieces.   i let loose a verbal slew of heavenly slander.

i had to wait for dan to show up to put his think tank on. i will admit i dont know wtf i'm doing.  i have no clue.  this is easy, for you....for me?  i forget the steps of doing things.  i'm so out of my element when i learn anything new that until i've done it 1000 times i never remember the steps.  so i realized i didnt put the trough thing thru the wet  quickset yesterday and maybe that is what the problem was.  but dan said no, since i'm working with lightweight stuff and on the small hardieboard cut outs (which even those took me too long to want to explain)  that wouldnt make a difference.  what probably happened was 1) i made the quickset too dry as i was told to make it thick for the walls so it doesnt slide down.  2) that the drill vibration probably did it more than anything

so.  a different drill and bit appeared from dans hand.  also 2 bottles of stuff.  one was superglue in some highly concentrated form [and very expensive which puts me into high alert] and the other was to be spritzed on top of it and its supposed to do something....congeal? work with it and make it act super fffing fast.  he applied that onto my little crosses and after they dried put one up and then i put the others up and as of last night when i left all was good.

i also forced myself to do the big cross yesterday and today i will go tip toeing in...spray that shit on it and attempt to get it onto the shower wall.  THEN i start the tile mosaic.  which i kinda dread.  i wasnt able to find many dark colors of tiles and i know that with mosaic you have to have some contrast if you want anything to actually pop out.  now that i can see how light the bullet shells look i'm already thinking i've made a huge mistake and that this bathroom is going to look like a pile of poo that has sat in the rain for days.

and just so you know that nothing is really easy for me....it took me about 20 minutes of screwing and unscrewing one of those crosses as i could not for the life of me get it to be the same height as the other crosses.  how hard can it be? i mean really?

and see that blotch below one of the crosses?  that is several failed attempts at i dont even remember what.  probably when i tried to stick the bullet shells on by hand to a splotch of quickset.  i'm running on about 4 hours of sleep a night, dont ask what i'm actually doing because i will just stare at you and not know how to answer.


Rebeca Trevino said...

these are beautiful! i can't wait to see the mosaic work around it.


where in texas are you? ( i used to live in corpus)

NuminosityBeads said...

But it's going to look so super cool in the end and you're gonna feel proud, Paula. Occupy the shower stall!
xoxo Kim

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling this shower is going to be a masterpiece!

Nellie's Needles said...

In spite of the difficulties, that's a damn good start to have established the focal points. Most of the rest of it will most likely be pretty mindless. I, too, can hardly wait to see it finished.

paula said...

thank you rebecca, i'm in the city of death. huntsville.
nellie. YOU SWORE that made my day...thanks for the encouragement you guys.