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so today's problem was....the cross which i made on top of hardieboard to then put onto the shower wall hardieboard wont sit flush because the top half of the above shower wall sinks in more and there is a big gap behind the cross/hardieboard when i put it up there to screw it in/affix with liquid nails.

hadda call dan AGAIN.  i hate having to ask a million questions let alone bug him to come by on a day he wasnt planning to.  he had a brilliant idea as usual.  dan's mind works like THAT.  you bring anything to him and you dont even get to see the wheels turn, they spin so fast it is astonishing.  he decided to screw in thick ended screw with washers below and above the cross piece to 'hold it' in place so i can build up a thick layer of the quickset for the upper half in back.  i also wanted to put those hooks (which you see in the top photo on top of the tiles) into the tiles so people can hang their wash cloths in the shower.  so i have to pre drill holes into the tile.  it gets complicated the steps i need to take because i also have to predrill holes into the hardie board UNDER those tiles to drill into the quickset once it dries.  then i have to put the tiles on (with more extended screws to hold it in place while it dries since its big and heavy). i also somehow have to pre drill the hook holes all the way into the hardie board.  my head spins.

i did start on the lower shower mosaic stuff this afternoon and  its looking good.  i'm liking it. and i'm liking hammering the tile and getting my aggressions out. i wish i had more yellowish tile but i have what i have.  thats the bane and beauty of working with scraps.  i'm going back in tomorrow to do as much as i can cuz my engine light has been on in my car and if i have to take it in for work on monday or tuesday i need to get as much of this done as i can.  i dont wanna be hoofin it in this 89 degree weather to work on this i'll be too tired to get there and back.


AnitaNH said…
Paula, I'm really enjoying seeing your work with the cross theme. Thanks for writing about it here.
Colleen Kole said…
one step forward
Gail Baar said…
Amazing ideas as usual Paula, no matter how hard it is, the results are great.
ArtPropelled said…
Despite having to call on Dan more than you would like to, you must be learning so much. I'm really enjoying following the cross saga. They're looking awesome!
Rebeca Trevino said…
way, way, way KOOL!
Rebeca Trevino said…
call Dan all you need. . . i think he probably digs it. and besides, it is going to be very kool . . . . (and i think dan knows it . . .) You go girl!
It's more beautiful than I imagined...
Anonymous said…
It's looking'll will be worth the blood sweat and tears
paula said…
yay!!! :)

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